Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Christoffer Andersen


Wouw Dude !

This is looking awesome !

Personally i think it might be a bit to bright. Overall. But that that might just be my tasty :slight_smile:

I must say, that when you enterede the challenge, i had a idea that you could make a cool short, it might have some errors and so. After seeing the lastest animation the quality is much higher quality that i expectet.

So Cyber high five and mad props :wink:


Hey Dennis :slight_smile:
Woaw, thanks a lot for your kind words! :slight_smile:
Well, there are a LOT of little mistakes and errors here and there. It’s just a matter of trying to hide them as good as possible.

I’m sorta re-rendering most of the film, because I added some stuff, and thightended up the animation here and there.
It shouldn’t be a problem considering deadlines, though. As long as it renderes while I’m at school, it’s pretty much “free rendertime”.

I need two shots more, then I’m done with all the Air stuff (from he leaves frame in the beginning, and all the way to the end). I should have those done by the weekend.

I’ve lit and modeled most of the ground scene as well, but need to touch the animation a bit there still.

So High Five to you too, and good luck with your challenge :slight_smile: You HAVE to finish up :wink:


I love your mood. Excelent animation and most of all good pick to do a funny animation, in my opinion an animation if it’s not funny then it must better have a good reason to not be.

Good luck and go go go!


I enjoyed your animation a lot, great job! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot mate!
It’s funny about that, because I always want to make a dark and gloomy short, but all the stories I get in my head are light and “funny”, hehe.

Thanks a lot! If people enjoy watching my short, I can’t ask for more :slight_smile:

Updates will come tomorrow night I think, when all the rendering has been done.


Software: Maya

Okay, here are a couple of more shots.
I think the closeup before he falls is a bit too short, but besides that, I’m pretty happy about the result.

Let me know what you think.


Hehe, okay I give up :wink:

But update will come as soon as the uploader works again.


hey dophphör!

nice render. i think that the splines are a bit too smooth at the moment. maybe try and break them up, and make a mess of you animation. Especially so his head isnt floating too much.

The first shots are amazing. You got really good weight going on, you catch the heavyness of the jet(propella)pack very well.



Hey Andreas.
I’m really happy you get a sense of wheight and mass in the beginning of the film.
It was a big concern that it would show through :slight_smile:

Yeah, it can be a bit floaty, especially the head.
I’m almost finish with the rendering of the everything but one shot, but rendertimes are pretty low, so good time to re-render if things still looks wrong.
I touched the animation a bit also, but that was before your post.

I should have the update ready tomorrow night.


Software: Maya

Getting close to deadline and close to final film as well.

Only need one shot and some more work on the sound.
I have time to de re-renders though, if there are anything completely wrong, although I’m pretty happy with it so far.

Play Video >>


Software: Maya

Okay, the very last renders are coming in a steady rate now.
I’ve changed a lot in the look of the film, some animation and little bits and pieces.

Here is a temporary image, and tomorrow I hope to upload the final film, at least the visual part. The sound design, 30 sec. cut and model renders will come later this week.

The whole project should be done saturday/sunday.
I don’t wonna work right up till’ deadline.
I guess I don’t have the balls for such a stunt :wink:

Hope you like


Those screenshots look really nice! And a very nice job on all the animations! Goodluck with the last bits!


Software: Maya

Okay, I call it a wrap for good :slight_smile:
I’m rendering out the model renders as I write.
I still need that, a decent sound design and a 30 sec. cut so I still got a lot of work in front of me.
I really hope you like it :slight_smile:

Play Video >>

@ Martijn81: Thanks a lot mate!
Your looks super sweet too, so far :slight_smile:


Hi Christoffer,

Your film has grown quite a bit since I have seen it last time!
It looks quite good, so let’s see some renders coming :slight_smile:


Congruats on finishing! It s looking good,and you manage all that well!
Best to you!


Congratulations for finishing… the animation is really great and funny… all nice designed, I like it much… top top top :applause:

Good luck man… that works :beer:


Hey :slight_smile:
Thanks. The final renders for the model show-off came in today while I was at school. They looks like they should (I’m not gonna judge wheather that’s good or bad), so that’s cool.
I also did the 30 sec. edit, and my god that was difficult. Next time I’ll try to create a film within the 30 sec. limit and go for more quality instead. But it’s actually very difficult to tell a story in 30 seconds I realised. So respect to you and your teammates for pulling that off!

The sound is killing me though. But it should be okay. I’m still shooting for delivery on saturday/sunday depending on my hangovers :smiley:

Thanks man! I’m thrilled you like it. Your project is sooooo cool. Amazing style!

Thanks to you too!
I’m glad you think it works. That’s always crucial.
Even though I haven’t commented on your thread, I’ve followd it closely. And I really like what I see. Good luck to you :slight_smile:


Software: Maya

Hey guys.
I think this will be the last update, but before I submit as a final, I’d like to check with you guys, if everything is uploaded correctly.

There has been some back and forth on what the final should contain, so I’d like to hear if you think I have all I need?

The actual film won’t be touched anymore. Sorry :slight_smile:

Cheers, and have a good weekend.

Play Video >>


The char is very funny, its look like the kind of a guy who always have a problem with everything, I want to see more of this trouble guy ;). Congratulations and good luck.

Ronaldo Pucci


This is the final delivery.
I hope you all like it :slight_smile:

It been a blast working on this project, and a big thanks goes out to those of you, who commented in- or just dropped by my thread.

Respect to all of those who finished up on their piece, wheather it’s in the image or video catergory. It takes a lot of commitment.

Cheers, and see you next time cgtalk fires up a challenge :wink:

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