Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Caio Stein D'Agostini


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Latest Update: Work In Progress: Uirapuru


People say that in southern Brazil, there was a tribe whose chief was loved by two very beautiful girls.

Not knowing with one to chose, the young chief promised to marry with the one that had the best aim.

Then, both girls fired arrows, but only one hit the target. And that is the one that married the chief.

The other, called Oribici, cried so much that her tears created a water fountain and a creek

She asked Tupã (a god) to turn her into a little bird, so that she could visit the chief without being recognized.

Tupã did what she asked. But, because the chief loved his wife, Oribici decided to leave that place.

She flew north, finally getting into the Amazon Forest.

To comfort her, Tupã gave her a melodic singing. This way, she can sing to forget her sorrows, and all the other birds stay quiet to hear her sing her beautiful tunes.

Here is a little information about the Uirapuru


I’d like to say that I didn’t take that picture.
You will get it as result (several times) if you do a image search for Uirapuru.


Great story :slight_smile: , although it’s a bit sad. Good luck!


Later I’ll post my idea about the scene.


beginning with the bird.


the wings


the wings next to the body.


I wanted to see how it looked with some colors.


Now with the boiler and some pipes.
In the back I’ll put a radiator that “opens” like feathers, like birds do when they are cold.


Another view


Nice work, a mechanical bird I like it! Keep it up.

Go Blender!


another update


…very cool idea and story…and i really find fascinating the idea of a mech bird…keep going!


Thanks, I wish people could comment more.

I’m thinking of making a scene over a workshop table or something like, and the bird is being assembled, over some blueprints. It should be a gift for somebody who lost someone he/she cared about, so it kind of fits with the original legend.


very beautiful piece and idea good luck :thumbsup:



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