Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Brad Staley


Hey great work on the models so far, they are really clean and slick. This one should be good! Bring it on.


Hey Jimmy,

Thanks for the comments. I’m gonna bring the heat brotha, or steam if you will.Ha HA


Great! I just noticed I have the same ear pieces as the illustration for the contest banner on the main page. OOps. Just a little embarrasing. I think were going to see alot of similarities in the contest anyways.Maybe I shouldn’t have brought that up, oh well. What do you all think?


Hey Brad,

Awesome model and details, really great :D. Like a lot the design for the guard, cool!! The detail on the mechanism is superb. Maybe you need to clean a bit the mirrored joint of the model, specialy in the helmet zone, only a comment :slight_smile: Again, great work!! Cheers! :beer:


Hey Fernando,

Thank you! As for the seam down the model, I have it mirrored right now, so as soon as I join the two the seam will be gone. As always good to have you stopping in.
Thanks again,


cool update Brad! I can see now how the mechanism works in there! Should be very cool
to see all the metal shaders and refelctions in action, once you have assigned them to
the model!
Looking forward to see more!


Thanks Mathias.

I’m trying to find the time so I can finish. Updates are on there way.
Take care,


Hi mate,

We’re very close to the end now. I hope you can finish this work cause I’m very curious to see how will be the final render. Good luck!!


Hello All,
My company just got sold and I will be out of a job soon.I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. It’s been a real trying time for me and my family, sorry to be a downer. I will try and finish this weekend.


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