Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Brad Staley


Slav: I definately see what you mean about the head being plain. My plan is to have it glowing red and orange like it’s red hot from the steam ,coal,or whatever that’s burning inside of it. My thinking is it could be a hell of a weapon if it butts up against you. A quick circle tattoo if you will, but then again It would be fun to trick out the head. I will try and post it with a new head to see what everyone thinks. Thanks for the input, it’s very helpful.

Ferx: Keep stopping by. A pleasure as always. Thanks for the kind words.

Sabrina:Hello,yeah I think there is alot of Atlantis themes, but it will be fun to follow none the less. Keep stopping by.



I’ve changed the water beetle’s head it was a little boring.I’m very happy with the results.Thanks again Slav!


Hey Brad…nice to see you again. Your beetle is very interesting. Looking foward to see your updates.

Good luck in the contest mate and all the best!


Hey André,

Good to see you back.Thanks for stopping in, I will have some updates this weekend hopefully. I got slammed for Thanskgiving, and i’m trying to tile my basement all at the same time. But this challenge has got me pumped up, so i’m doing what I can.
Take care,


hey great job on this! I like this design and the decoration also. The head is much better now :wink:
This model is also inspires me, so keep it up Brad and good luck with!


Hey Csaba,

Thanks alot. I appreciate the support. Keep stopping in.


Hey, I like the atlantis theme, steam underwater is always fun :beer:

Just a note on your beetle; it looks slighty fragile with the thin bars on the top, maybe you can make those a bit thicker to get a more constant style on your beetle.

Good luck with the contest! :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for the kind words. The water beetle is coming along very nice. Keep up the good work!


I wouldn’t want that beetle anywhere near my madrass, although I really admire and
like the shape and modeling!
Could be a real treat to see it trextured and speculariZed!


Simon:Hey Simon,thanks for dropping in. Point takin with the thin bars on top. I did that intentionally, because it is fragile. It is no longer an attack beetle.LOl Oh yeah I forgot to mention their made with titanium, alloy and kryptonite. In all seriousness your right, it does look a little fragile, I’ll try and change it and see if I like it. Thanks for the insight, keep stopping in.

Joshua: Thank you very much!

Mathias: Full render coming soon.
Thanks again for all your feedback, and support.


O.k. I thought I would post what I have so far, because who knows how long this will take.This is my guard for the Atlantian High Priestess.Obviously no arms, and legs right now, but it’s a work in progress.I don’t know how the heck i’m going to get all of this done, but i’ll give it my best. Brad


amazing detailing! sweet style :slight_smile:


Hey Nick,

Thank you very much!


Hi Brad,

That looks great. Waiting more updates.



Thanks Iban! Glad you could stop in. More to come.


I Like you style it very powerful … keep it up


super cool! I like the details of the beetle. great work in the latest image…


Hello Anwar,

Thank you for your comments, and your English is fine.

David: Thank you for the kind words. Keep stopping in Guys.


nice robo :slight_smile:

i like the details.


Hello Almog,

Thanks for the comments. keep stopping in.