Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Brad Staley


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Latest Update: Concept / pre-visualization: Guard to the high Priestess


Hello Friends,
It’s good to be back. I took down my post of the train because there wasn’t much to critique.Sorry, I just felt like it was a generic post.


Hey Brad,

Glad that you joined :smiley:

Really cool steam locomotive , like a lot, great start
Good luck!! and waiting for more ideas on your concept. Cheers!! :beer:


Wow Mr. Staley…Your artwork has come along quite well since the year 1993…
Of course it was all hand painted back then (foxes and bears, etc). You are quite amazing. Always were.


Thanx Ferx! Glad to be back. I need some time to doe some lucid dreaming, so I’ll keep posting my ideas as they progress.


Brad! It’s good to see you here!

When I heard about the Challenge (yesterday), I looked for your entry first. Was a little disappointed when I didn’t find one. Guess I checked a little too early.

Good luck,


Hey Keith,

Welcome back man, this is going to be a riot.


Not trying to be too critical here…

But isnt Steampunk supposed to be unconventional applications of steam?

A steam powered locomotive is not a stretch of the imagination I’d think. Unless I misunderstood the direction your taking here.


No direction right now just a placeholder. Sorry there’s not much to critique. Everything unconventional will have to come later. I’m thinking of either a Steam powered North Pole, elves, Santa etc… or an Atlantis theme, and yes with steam under water. Probably something submersive. What do you think?



So Mr. Staley…I need two posts validated before they will let me PM. I personally love the steam engine theme (especially this time of year), but why is the train so short? (this is how my brain works…maybe there is a reason I don’t know about). I love the way you are able to capture light in the body of the train, you can actually get a little lost in it if you start to look for awhile. Again, great work…definitely not unconventional use of steam but beautiful.


I’d say go for the Atlantis one, but that’s only because I was thinking about the Santa idea too, lol :smiley:


Ah Ha! Maybe we can split the prizes.LOL

It’s a tough choice, Santa can be very light playful, and colorfull, on the other hand: Atlantis
is totally open for interpretation.
Keep stopping by,


Wow, sasquatch70, your speed is amazing! It’ll be interesting to see this completed.


Thanks John,

I think I’m actually going to go with the atlantis theme instead of christmas. Keep stopping bye.


O.k. I think I’m getting close to nailing down an idea. This is a Water Beetle, and yes I’m going with an Atlantis theme. He will be inside, probably with a chain attached to him held by the queens gaurd.I’m going to try and post a concept sketch this week. Thanks,


Hi dude,
I like your Water Beetle ship.
Insects are your favourites.:wink:
Good luck and keep it up.


Hey Iban,

Thanks alot man. Your Genghis Khan piece is going to be awesome.



i think the detail level is amazing. i guess if i could say anything is that keep in mind the over all shape and design of what you are making. i really love the body of the spider thing but the head piece as is sticks out as too plain compared to the body right now.

at any rate awesome work! ill keep am eye on your thread. keep up the good work.


Hey Brad,

Really great model! :smiley: like a lot all of the details on it! and great design!! Cant wait to see your sketch on your whole concept of Atlantis :smiley: Cheers mate!! :beer:


Hi Brad!

So here is another Atlantis-theme! The style of your water beetle is already very promising:thumbsup: !
I’m looking forward to see your concept sketch and will follow the progress here…

Happy sketching and modeling for you:) !