Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Bobby Chiu


Holy crap you’re tearing along here. :smiley:

Go Bobby!


More stuff to do … it’s coming together


wow you’re so fast. it’s really coming together. I wish i can paint that fast


common bobert “U can do it” coming along really nicely, looking foreword to see next update soon.


Keep it going, Bobby! You’ve invested it with such an energy and immediacy. The long lens look squashing the action is such a cool idea. Did you use any reference. If you didn’t then your powers of memory and visualisation must be extraordinrary, as well as your knowledge of form.

Best of luck. This is something special.


godspeed bobby :slight_smile: looks awesome!


took a few hours to sleep. Feeling refreshed! Let’s get this going again!!


haha, awesome work bobby! i love the guys expression!


awesome bobby, very nice speed


That’s looking really nice, Bobby! Great character design - he reminds me of Clint Eastwood, without looking just like him at all - just that nice, weathered, determined face. The horse design - and the impression of the horse-skull - is terrific too.

Your Billy the Kid is feeling like to me like he’s receiving more atmospheric hazing than the guys behind him (especially when I look at his hat and side-bags and compare them to his pursuers’ dark black hats.) I think the feeling of depth was more effective when the 3 horsemen were less crisp and more roughed out in the earth-tones of the background. Perhaps you’ll bring that back in as you refine more?

But anyhow, nice work, and good luck!


Thanks everyone who left comments. Walrus - There’s still much to do. Your suggestions are on my ‘to do list’ :slight_smile:


working on the metal horse…


do it man, we all believe in you^^
very nice shading on that horses leg


these little mechanical parts are taking for ever…


Here’s the final.

Billy the Kid’s last heist. It was a blast to paint. Hope you like it!



Software: Photoshop

My Steampunk image is about the legend of Billy the Kid. The image depicts his last heist.


Congrats, Bobby! I’m glad you got it done. Nice work!


Hey Bobby congrats on a great image. Your paintings are always so clear and easy to read… and this one cracks me up… haha turbo steam horse strikes again :wink: I remember your entry from Master and Servant… good to see you’re still churning them out. Best of luck


Thanks guys. It was a bit of a mission to finish. At first I thought I had until February 3rd but found out that it was due today so I stayed up most of the night. Had a couple of hours sleep and ended up finishing at 6pm (an hour before the deadline)… whew!


wow when did you enter!? lol
Welcome to the challenge and congrats on finishing.