Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Bobby Chiu


This is jaw-dropping! The fact you entered one day after the old deadline and made such a huge progress in 4 days just blows my mind off!

If you manage to finish on time,next time I see you in a challenge, i might just step out… :stuck_out_tongue:

btw, huge fan of yours here! Good luck!


Billy the Kid! You’re not going to catch his old ass. LOL. Got to love your humor. I am just going to watch you finish. Nothing more, nothing less. Let me pop some popcorn first…sit in this cozy chair and just enjoy the show. It was great meeting you and Kei at San Diego Con as well. Hope things are well with you.


hi great idea and looking good… i know its rough so nothing to crit really. comp is good.


nice, to see you in the mix. now everyone really needs to step up in the last few days


Great to see your take on this challenge!


Hey Bobby, a remake of Samurai On Horseback in a steampunk style ?
Great job, continue, it looks promising.


Hey Bobby, good to see you in it,

You running out of time though,
but looking amazing like always, I look forward to seeing the final!


steampunk (illustration)


working on the background…


Bobby, there’s 21 hrs left. better hurry up!
Good luck mate


Its great Your use of colors is good


Isn’t the deadline for this contest until Feb 3?


I am awfully sorry for you, but the 3. is for the video category. image is in a couple of hours.

Love your videocasts :beer:


oh crap… I see… ok time to turn on the jets… hopefully I’ll make it.


you will !!!
good luck


AHHHHhhhhh!! Painting frantically!!


Painted in some bg characters


Hey like your style. And as usual it’s really fun :wink:
I hope you could finish it :wink:


Great so far man! Not many hours left; fill up the coffee pot, get that pack of redbull and paint paint paint! I really hope you will be able to finish on time.




C’mon Bobby – we’re all rooting for you!


Painting is coming along… just have to keep going :slight_smile: