Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Bobby Chiu


Hey Bobby congrats on a great image. Your paintings are always so clear and easy to read… and this one cracks me up… haha turbo steam horse strikes again :wink: I remember your entry from Master and Servant… good to see you’re still churning them out. Best of luck


Thanks guys. It was a bit of a mission to finish. At first I thought I had until February 3rd but found out that it was due today so I stayed up most of the night. Had a couple of hours sleep and ended up finishing at 6pm (an hour before the deadline)… whew!


wow when did you enter!? lol
Welcome to the challenge and congrats on finishing.


Entered 6 days ago… lol.


Nice finish and fast :slight_smile:


Wayhey! Fantastic, Bobby. Painted with fire. I admire that you kept the unity of vision from those first strokes. Congratulations.


Elendil_le_Grand/Roger Nobs - thank you… I tried hard. either way I enjoyed the competition.


It was a joy to see this great piece.
Thanks, Randy


Nice work Bobby. I’ve been looking/commenting on everybody’s work but i didn’t notice your entry until now, interesting and funny concept, wild west themes are cool. I especially like the way you approach light and shadow in digital painting, looking forward to another one of your inspiring YouTube blogs…!


I love your concept of the old West! I am amazed by how quickly you work and your ability to detail. Congratulations and good luck!



frucking AMAZING!


Whoa…amazing image…nice work!


Hey thanks everyone. You guys are very nice.

For your kindness I will give you a little gift. Animated GIF!


Awesome image. Well done.


:bounce: digital-bobert!

What a fantastic idea! I didn’t think it was possible to appreciate your WIP any more than I already did! I LOVE it! :love:


very nice illustration!


Good Stuff Bobby…it’s too bad you didnt win though.
I really like your previz, it’s perfect!:cool:


I love it!


I think this is now my favorite.


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