Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Bobby Chiu


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Latest Update: Final Image: The Kid’s Last Heist


Hi everyone,

Excuse my late entry but I didn’t know about this challenge! Another fun topic.

For this challenge I decided to put a spin on a legend of the wild west. It’s going to be an old Billy the Kid making his getaway on a cool looking mechanical horse with steam coming out of the nostrils.

Should be good… as long as it’s finished on time :slight_smile:

Good luck to everyone! I see some great work has already been done. I have some serious catching up to do.


Hi bobby great to see you in!:thumbsup: … now hop to it and get this done:wip: lol! great idea!! perhaps you can give it an even “more legendary” feel by letting it be “The buffalo Bill” or chief Crazy horse (my fav really, google it and see :smiley: ), etc… just some ideas:shrug: :wink: …anyways best luck i know you’ll finish

karisa :slight_smile:


Here’s a little update since yesterday. I was thinking of having steam coming out of the nostrils of the horse. Should look pretty cool… we’ll see tomorrow.


adrephil - thanks for the suggestion Karisa! I went a different direction because I already had a picture of Billy the Kid in my head.


Here’s a new update. …


Hey Bobby nice entry so far. Already looking good. Waiting for the next update.


You did this in 2 days?!?! Your guy has a long face too! I like this a lot.


great start Bobby, looks very promising so far
have fun man!


thanks for the comments all. In this one I’m roughing in the guys in the back and added some lighting to the horse and Billy the Kid


Thinking of background ideas…


Hi Bobby Chiu,

I am a fan of your works. I like a lot your style of drawing.:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
This one also looks great.:slight_smile:
keep it up, dude; i want see more updates.


Here’s a background idea I like a bit better…


Looking great man! I like where you’re going with the new background and the cool tones you’re introducing… coming along nicely.


Hi Bobby,
I´m really glad you entered the challenge. Great to see you here! This is going to be another awesome piece, full of energy. I love the faces of both the cowboy and the horse. Just one suggestion: the steam coming out of the horse nostrils is a great addition but I think it could be cooler if it would comes out straight to the front as a steam jet, with more pressure due to the race effort.
Can´t wait to see more! Good luck!


Had some time to work on the piece today.


Hey, Bobby – I always enjoy seeing your creations and your process, so I’m glad to see you’re in this Challenge. Great start, and best of luck!


Hi Bob Chiu! I remenber your work very well from strange behavior! This new thread is looking fantastic,good luck on your late entry!


well bald decision to go with the west !:smiley:

cool idea with the western ,i like the atmoshphere!
cant rly tell anything as your early into the image,just gotta notice that its abit to flat the horse,as in little going on.hope you finish it!gl


Bobby - Looking fabulous. You have a real ability to introduce a feeling of reality into what is fundamentally a cartoon image. Your lighting is excellent. :slight_smile: