Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Bartosz Bialek


yea, it looks so good buddy, great work sofar, I like specially the labyrinth and the cow! although I will suggest a red eye for him!’

keep it going man, and good luck :thumbsup:



Nice looking maze, great atmosphere!


Thank you guys!
I thougth I would post something today but christmas maze spoiled it :smiley:
There is a chance I can make it tomorrow.

Best to you !


I wasn’t feeling the character designs so much, but that maze looks amazing. Best of luck!


Thank you Scott!
Wish you all the best


I want to show you some wip renders from inside of the maze just so you could feel the mood I want to achive.
Best to you peoples!!


Looks great. The only change I would suggest is to bring down the reflectivity a bit. With the amount of rust/grime on the walls and floor, it suggests a much more muted enviornment.


Thank you Scott!
You’re right it might look kinda strange now The only thing missing is steam all over. I want it to be wet and full of steam but I’m planing to add it during post work!


I’m working on sample texturing and shading right now. More details will be added to this when shots are animated.


I’m still working on shaders. Here’s some wip picture of Minotaur.


Great job!!
Amazing models and environments!


Just wanted to drop by and see how things were going. Looking real good. The environments are just fantastic. Looking forward to seeing some animation tests if you post any.


Thanks for steping by mates!
I’ve just been animating a shot
It’s the second week of animation right now and I’ve done ~1:30s so far.
Everything goes fine luckly I have no problems with rigs etc. It turned out some shots needs a lot lot lot more time to render at quality I wanted and this also after I some tricks ware used ;/
But it can’t be too easy;)
I’ll hope I manage to post some previs later
Best to you!!


Software: 3ds max,XSI

I’m posting some previsualisation compilation of a shots I’m working on.
This is still early wip some shots has just been started and most of them are unfortunetaly full of minor and major bugs.
I’m aware of that but don’t hesitate to share your thoughts!

Sorry for “not the best quality avalible”

Play Video >>


Animation is almost done and only few shots to finish. Here is a sample of rendered shots without special effects layer (steam etc)




hi, there is no video for me. when i try to download the flv, it’s a jpeg.



Strange but it’s true the jpg file is an renamed flv actual movie. Ill try to reupload