Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Bartosz Bialek


I’m working on some armor details. next I’ll move to backpack an the clew
bezt to you!


Another part of Theseus is under construction - backpack with the clew mechanism


Damn you are fast! Looking very nice already!

Goodluck with this challenge!


I really like the amount of details :slight_smile:

Do you make concepts first? or do you just make it up as u go along?


Great man…you’re really packing in the details!


Martijn - thank you I hope I can still improve it:thumbsup:
Dennis - Yes I do have concepts I realy want to avoid spare work on this
Tyson- yep my life seems kinda empty when I get out of my desk and find out there is no chance to place some rivets anywhare “out there” :wink:
-best to you!!


The clockwork Theseus is superb. Can’t wait to see the completed work,


Your detail work is awe-inspiring, man. Keep up the good work, I’m lookin forward to seeing more!


Thank you !! Yesterday I started rigging and modeling morph shapes for theseus. I’ll report my progress soon

Best to you!

  • cheers!


Nice modeling,very nice character! Good luck with your progress!:beer:


Love the details; very good work. Can’t wait to see more.


Nice to heare from you Adrian best to you too!! and than you Trey for your intrest I’ll do my best.
I started rigging my character. Things seems to keep together but there are still some tweaks to do


Hello I started working on MInotaur model. Depending on source Minotaur is believed to be either a man with bull’s head or bull with man’s “top”. I choose to have the second option. This is still an early wip but gives an idea of what is my goal.
best to you!


Interesting take on the Minotaur design. I’ve not heard that version.


great work on the modeling.
But i think the legs for the minotaur might be too short.
And i would go for the bull’s head which makes it more interesting in contrast to the human character. Just a bull’s body probably won’t be enough to identify it to a minotaur. Unless the human head has horns and then it’s not fully a man’s top and bull’s body. So many questions and so little time :banghead:


Thanks !
@miketche Hardly any has but it’s true .Secondly It’s useful for my story and we also have another MInotaur in image contest so I don’t want do double ideas etc.

@Nothingness I’m still redesigning it a bit but short legs f.i. are very typical of bulls.


I want to give it a sense of mass and strength. I posted wip without armour so it’s hard to see at the moment. I also want to have fire & steam and smoke as defying elements of his character. But it will take time before anyone see it

Thank you for comments:thumbsup:
Best to you!


it looks very good, congratulations!!!


Hello and Welcome!
After a longer breake ( work %$#%$ :frowning: )I’m back on track. Here’s some progress on Minotaur. I will post some locations snapshots soon
Cheers !!


I’m finishing modeling stage. Here’s a snapshot of the labyrinth panorama to one of the shots.


Woah that looks amazing :eek: