Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Bartosz Bialek


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Latest Update: Finished Video: THE MAZE Finished! (for real)


Nice being here again. Idea of this challenge fits my current intrests so I’m eager to start
I got 2 concepts for my videos

a) David facing Goliat ( Bible counts?)
b) Minotauros

I’d love to make both :[

Let’s get started and best of luck to you!!:beer:


Ok my vote goes to Minotaur
This will be a short including

The Minotaur
steampunk labyrinth
lot’s of steam
springs etc
leather and
yep- a duel


This is a story draft I drew. Theseus wandering around labyrinth in search for Minotaur. I hope you can catch the idea.


Hehe…well it’s a bit difficult to interpret some of the drawings since they’re so rough (don’t worry…better than I can draw still!)…but I think it makes sense.

So is the minotaur/theseus gonna have steampunk gadgets attached to them or something? Or will the enviroment be the ruins of a massive boiler room complex? Interested to hear how you’re going to be fitting the theme into your story :smiley:


Soooooo true I totally suck at fast drawing ;/. Of course I’m planing to give them both some fancy steampowered gadgets. 2 of them are cruical to the story ( steampowered leg spring-catapult and steampowered blade).
Labyrinth is planned to be a iron made maze inside of giand victorian-style hall (full of steam OFC)
I’d better get it started…


Just checking your thread. I’ve got a similar concept, but I’m doing a still image. I’d really like to see your progress.


Fantastic! I’m looking forward to seeing your progress as well:buttrock:


I started working on Theseus model. You can see some gadgets I’ve been working on lately. Face is preaty much done.
It’s a pure fun to design all those little mechanisms , can’t wait to see them in action!


Wow…off to a great start! I love al the little details :smiley:


Nice! I like that both the steampunk and classical elements are instantly identifiable.


cool entry man!


Thank you guys !! I’m playing with cogwheels and rivets atm.
Report to you soon!


I added recharging mechanism. It’s a simple spring based two-way google mechanism… yep


damned…here, we have details…

Clockwork job man :bounce:


good stuff and good speed Bartosz! All the best for sure :wip:


Wow! Great detail. Is all this going to be animated?


nice dude, :wink:
and fast! :smiley:


@Dehaut: Thank you. I kinda enjoy it :wink:
@Magda: Nice to see you here -all the best to you too!:wip:
@Michael: Yes I’ve just rigged it , can’t wait for making it move and interact!
@Mim: I need to make use of every jobfree minute right now - december appears like a … of work for me

My schedule:

modeling & rigging 1,5-2 weeks
animation 3-4 weeks
shading & lighting 2 weeks
editing ,composition & sound
sending to ftp

Best to you !


Hello again!
I started working on rest of the armor.
I love riveting so every single is placed by hand. Minor details Will be added via mapping