Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Arthur Mirzoyan


Looking good !
I like your stylisation good luck!


Indeed - unique style!

I believe this has a potential to become one of the jewels of this competition :slight_smile:


This is very cool! If you can complete this,will be one great entry!
Best to you!


Very Interesting.

Can’t wait to se more :slight_smile:


Thanks friends.
One more single frame from render. Here you can see design of Odysseu`s helmet and one more taximeter on the glove.


very cool technique…
I’m very curious about this one, it’s one of the most original entries for the challenge!

good work!


man if u r going to paint every frame , that would be amazing , i think it would take so much work to get it finished , anyway great work , looking forward to see the final video :buttrock:


Your animation test is great! I can’t wait to see what’s coming next and the final looking of your frames.

good luck (I’ll need some for myself :wink:


Software: After Effects,Photoshop

Thanks everyone!
I want to show you my 90% complete stage 12. Comments are welcome.

Play Video >>


rad man! very action packed. cant wait to see him hit the giant in the face with that thing.


man, that’s awesome. i saw the animatic and you definitely have a clear objective.
i wish you the best of luck! idea like that really deserves getting finished.


Meet Cyclop
Now i finish all Odysseus character animation. And this is my Cyclop.


Software: After Effects,Photoshop

Well time for trailer!

Play Video >>


Amazing work! I really like your style, great atmosphere and in combination with the music and sounds effects it was just GREAT!!

Goodluck with the judging!


This is totaly amazing! Your style is really unique.
The trailer looks/sounds fantastic.

Can’t wait for it :wink:


Wow…that is sooo cool! I love the way you did the dust coming up from the ground!


REALLY NICE JOB! Cool style! BRAVO!:slight_smile:


That trailer is beyond great. The style is amazing, I can feel the intensity in this trailer.


wow, its amazing!!! stunning!


Beautiful style!