Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Arthur Mirzoyan


I absolutely love the cyclops design, beautiful!


Amazing! just amazing :thumbsup:

I really like that color and design. Great work, guys!

Greets rasher73


This is mind blowing… just to think about drawing such a brilliant thing makes me tired! :thumbsup:
I can’t possibly imagine the amount of work you put in there!
Great stuff!

Congratulations :beer:


superb. jou are a great painter and animator. admire your work :). curious about technic.


Bloody fantastic!


Great work!!

Very beautifull art direction and style!! Its great to see how a 2d animation can work perfectly well as any 3d for this challenge!! The main thing is the story and the directing!!

Congratulations and good luck!!


Great work your style is very unique!
Good luck


congratulations on finishing. to me it is one of the best entries. smart way to go about it.


Hey Arthur!

Superb artwork, I dont have words for this amazing and beautiful animation! Simply great!! I love your 2D concept on this! Congratulations and all the best!! Cheers!! :beer:


Hey guys thanks for your words. It was realy hard work. And that is why your cornents is so important for me. Thanks, and good luck to all of us!


That’s amazing! Truly inspiring work! To me it really redefines what you can create when participating in the video-section of this competition! The use of moving 2D stuff is very innovative!! There’s a real mood in it!
My only critique would be that you don’t show much mechanical/steampunk stuff in the trailer… but in the end that’s why I should go seing it in the theater - ain’t it? :twisted:

I wish you the best for the judging!


awesome, you deserved at least that!
great job and inspiration for me to finally get into After Effects!


Arthur, well done!
Pozdravleayu! :applause:


very nice work arthur! congrats to your award!!! and please make this one longer and put it to the movies, I want to see the full version! :wink:


Par excellence!
Best video so far, in my opinion.


One of my favorites for sure, that was just truly epic!!

Well done!


You sir ! Are a god !


Wow man…that was intense! You really captured a great atmosphere…and to think that’s only the animatic! I can’t wait for the final piece!

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Awesome! Great work. Per frame animation in oil paint…
I’m a lil dissapoined cause of short time-keeping, wanna more!


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