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This might be very cliché, but I was thinking of a robotic ape creature coming trough a huge crowded 1800s looking city street. The vehicles would be “horse wagons” pulled boy some sort of robotic creatures. Maybe the ape would be holding a lady in his arms. That would be very King Kongish, but maybe it would work as a a nice twist to it. Not sure yet.

I’d like the ape to feel very much like a massive train, so I wanted to include lots of stairs that would in a way symbolise railroad tracs.

Crits and comments always welcome =D


Some thumbnails


I changed the concept abit.


Changed it to the battle between Chimera and Pegasus. Haven’t added the robotic elements to them yet thogh


Hei Artur.
This is looking just splendid!
Very dynamic the last sketch.
Good luck buddy!


Amazing sketchs man

This battle looks already really spectacular :buttrock:
I stay tuned


This looks very promising :thumbsup: Great poses on your characters.


Thanks alot for the great comments guys.
Glad you found it dynamic =)
Started adding some robotic elements on the horse. And testing it out with some redish colour for now


Very cool! :thumbsup: I suggest trying to clarify the silhouette on the horse though, particularly around the wings- it’s not coming off very clearly around that area. I love the colours and the composition though. Keep going!!


Only real crit on this would be to make pegasis WAY closer to the viewer in the foreground, maybe enough so that hes about to hit the camera. Could even have some small props being flung towards us (like in the movies) :wink:


Arthur thats one nice shot, love the concept aswell, cheers and goodluck



lovely composition! :bounce: i would like to know … is pegasus tripping over? … fallen down already? … if yes … i think adding the area/point of impact with debris flying would make it more evident … also … i can see some little creature thingies scurring around … why not ‘toss’ one of them as well :stuck_out_tongue:
overall … this is getting pretty intense and very very interesting!! :buttrock:
good luck mate! :thumbsup:


paperclip: Thanks for the crit. You’re absolutley right. I’ll do that=)

autaux: Great idea. Never saw that at all untill you mentioned. Will do! =D

Rupy: Thanks alot Rupy =D

nwiz25: Thanks alot for the crit=) Yes, Pegasus is tripping over and falling down.
I’d love to toss those “little” spider things around because of the Pegasus’ impact.
Why didnt I think of that before^^


I dunno about making the Pegasus closer, it would disturb the sense of scale, which I think is pretty good right now. Just have small people around him/running off, maybe?


hmm. I was thinking of scaling him a little bit more so you got the feeling that he was closer to the camera. Made some scale changes on Peg allready. But not quite sure wich works best:


I drew some selfcritisim on top of my paiting including a bunch of suggestions I got from the forum members (Thanks again! =D)

After looking at the scaled and non scaled version of pegasus, I decided to keep him tin the original size now. It did loose some dynamics and it also gave less room for the debris to fly around. (And I do want to have room for tossing those “spiders” around ^_^)


Awesome piece from the start! My only suggestion at this point would be to bring of the creatures closer to the camera, maybe even a bit behind the camera… so the perspective would be more exaggerated and the viewer more in the middle of the whole action. Good luck and keep up the good work!


Heihei Comlock!
I really missed this thread, lots of brillinat activity in here!
The concept is very huge and massive, I like the sense of scale you got there, and
the stortelling is groovy!

Gass i bånn!


Hey Arthur! Looks great, you’r off to a good start here. I know this is still early so I wont give you any specific crit’s. But I agree with Ninja, putting the camera right in there where the action takes place could be nice.

Keep it up!