Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Arseniy Chebynkin


Shot 1-3 animation. see here ->>

Deadline go away ! %)


Wow guys…amazing stuff! I love your lighting!


Just the pure pleasur to watch that… I can’t imagine the other scenes… argh… that will be great…

…your lighting is a the top !
like too the little effects… too much talentuous :applause:

no crits… I’m just admirative… continue in this way !



great shots ! what will ne the lenght of your video ?



Wow, it’s great!
Go-go guys, you HAVE to finish this!


Hi, It’s too bad I can’t view this but at work here our computers have content filters and when I click your link I get a warning of Pornography so I can’t view it. Is there any way you could post a QT or other movie?


Just gorgeous. Wonderful bright lighting. I get so sick of seeing dark stuff.


Wow, just watched it at home and it’s fantastic. Has a very cinematic feel to it! Look forward to more updates! :slight_smile:


geez,ars :slight_smile: it so freakin’ gorgeous…i wish there was something esle i could do to speed up the process…
rock on m8 :thumbsup: keep this train rolling :buttrock:


Shots images from complete video fragments.


Your stuff looks absolutely promising!
Keep it up guys, you’re doing a great job! :smiley:


Sweet character style and lighting!


I agree, I like your design and the dynamic look. But there are some chromatic issues, I understand your pallete but you overuse it, for example in the last update - screen one: in the left bottom corner there’s orange, it ads to the composition but it’s not “from there”.

Even so, great stuff!

Well done


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Photoshop

In this alternative world steampunk machinery and technologies are heavily intertwined with alchemical spells. People have learned to control elemental spirits, and use them as a power source, intermingling divine powers with gears and mechanisms, creating gigantic ships and enormous trains. But the spirits were to break out, if the alchemical chains were to be corrupted or mechanisms happened to be destroyed. This gave birth to the whole new way of leading combat and developing battle tactics.

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Nice work guys!Alot of detail.And the train is amazing.
Best to you!


Congrats… you did it… incredible universe and impressive realization :applause:

I wish you the best for the continuation :beer:


Awesome guys!! you did a great job!! Great style/design and admosphere! Goodluck with the judging!


Good work guys…insane number of polys you guys must have had to handle! I can’t even imagine trying to manage those scenes…they’d all crash my computer :eek:

Good luck with the judging!


well done congrats. what you did is epic. :beer:


hollymolly. X_X