Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Arseniy Chebynkin


SsWEEEEET :beer:


Storyboard next part. Tonnel, Loco coming, counterattack, freedom deity


The storyboard looks very nice,but take care about the timing.You have an action scenes,and must be short scenes,for exemple 10,12 frames a second at least,to have speed and dynamic scene.You can use 2 seconds,for the general scenes,to show an location,or an important object. hope that helps.

Best to you all!


This is more than promising man… one of the best for sure…

I’m feel very small :bowdown:


All of your WIP’s are just amazing, I really look forward to the final product. My favorite so far.


это будет очень круто! )

из облаков хоть что-то подошло или мимо в этот раз?


yeeeeah! it so mush awesome coool! I can’t wait for final video! :buttrock:


The whole concept and the visuals are blowing my mind! The whole project screams “talent” and “dedication”. Keep up the good work. Cannot wait to see the finished product!!!


Shot 2-3 test


Very few times remain up to deadline, is not had time…


Link doesn’t work bro.


ivanisavich, oh shi… link fixed :slight_smile:

ValenUA, this cloth simulation
adib, Lemog, MarioGuillermo, thanks
d1ver, hardy-guardy, FedDark, heya comrades )


Incredible work here. texturing, detailing and style


What a shame… that works :banghead:

argh man… it’s too short… but too good… damned… I think you fell in the talent when you was young !

like much this style… nothing to crit… just drooling :drool:



Link works now…love it! Great atmosphere you’ve created…just wish it was longer…stop teasing us! :smiley:


Looks nice :slight_smile:
I like the dreamy feel you guys put into it.

We would all like to see more, but maybe it would be better not to waste your time asking you to post :slight_smile:


Looks very nice! Reminds of the final fantasy series cinematics! Awesome work, looking forward to the final movie!! Goodluck finishing it all!


moly smoly that looks amazing.

this will explode once its done! :beer:


ur work’s look is different…its looking great
exited to see more 3d models…


Wow this looks great. So many good entry’s!


Супер ) ждемс выхода на экраны ))