Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Arseniy Chebynkin


I want the same model :thumbsup:

nothing to add… I’m just fan !


this is very impresive.
If the animation is at the same level, it will be a great movie.

best wishes.


sburto20, Thanks, ok I promise soon render specially a Leviathan locomotive from different views. ^) There it is soooo much details… %) (size 150 kb for image attach strongly limits clearness pictures)
Lemog, Ок Ок ) Thanks for watching this wip.
ArekZawada, Thanks! I hope to not disappoint you with animation. )


Афигительно круто вышло!!!

Завтра днем будет matte )


Final upd modeling Verethragna flagman.


Other the detailing of your Verethragna flagman… I appreciate much your render quality… tones of the ship are really similar than the environment… and anyway… all is really visible and well contrasted… it’s really a grat job… much quality of rendering…

…maybe I’m jalous :scream:

continue like that… :thumbsup:


Lemog, thx! %)

And some hi-res image of last updates:

/ click for zooom /


whoa… that thing’s a monster.


Just amazing!!!
Can’t wait to see the movie!! Its really impressive the details of the models and the render results.

Keep posting!


i’m waiting for some more updates :thumbsup:


It is made hardy-guardy. Great mattepaint man, many thanks! :^)


Insane quality throughout the whole project. It looks amazing!
Keep up the good work, guys :slight_smile:


Now this is what “thinking outside of the box” should mean. Great guys and extraordinary desings.


i want an animation! make it faster!!! ))))


impressive environment. i specialy like the sens of ight of the bottom one


The talent in your group is scary :eek:


What to add ? your skills are really impressive… I’me feel very small :cry:

:thumbsup: continue the good work :bowdown:


Here is some hi-res parts of matte.
If you like it )


Thanks )


Especially thanks to you :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

Is it that the talent ? :scream:

I’m again more impatient to see the final scene animated… waouw :bounce:


great work! really nice progress sofar, and I like these mattes alot yeah!
keep up awesome works here, :buttrock:
GL, :beer: