Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Arseniy Chebynkin


the armored railway battle cruise is so god damn awesome! It is epic, enormous, heavy heavy heavy, steamy, amazing design!!! … the flying one is ok.

wow. imagine that f steam fortress on rails! … i’m flabbergasted. I’d instantly go with the railway concept. everything else just seems pale compared to it. :surprised


Great diesel-punk concepts! Is you team international? :slight_smile:


dCepT, andreasng, Thanks! )
Coolya, Yes, comrades in team from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia. :slight_smile:


Wowowow!!! You should should win this contest for your concept art alone!


Cool concept BRAVO! Best to you all guys,and good luck!:beer:


truly amazing stuff you have here. I’m already fear how mindblowing the Leviathan and the enviroment will be in 3d if you keep up the quality of your heroine model. I’m a fan now. :thumbsup:


Begin modeling flagman dirigable Verethragna. Upd soon! )


wow…awesome model:buttrock:…the Verethragna looks great so far…

can’t wait to see the upd :bounce:


that’s what I talked about!
mindblow. now.


nice work you have in here, your models look amazing.
keep up the good work


Great style and concepts!!


Really enjoying the concept art you guys are posting. Sick train and environment.
Looking forward to the models


I have to agree with Kynu, your concepts, models and huge attention to details are mindblowing. The only hope for us all is that you will have not really intresting story or would not complete your renders at time… If else, first place are alredy predetermined. Anyway keep up the good work. Good luck comrades %)


Mattepaint concept for hardy-guardy
Long image here


Guys, your project amazes with scale. You wish to tell what history? Very interesting main character, plan still characters or it will be one?


ivanisavich, thanks!
adib, thanks! )
kynu, thanks!
systm, thanks!
Thiago-Pires, thanks!
sburto20, thanks!
ValenUA, thanks! %)
TaYfun, thanks, history we shall tell necessarily, but later. There will be one more character brutal knight in mechanical armour. )


Update Verethragna 3d model, soon finish )



Nice… It looks so great.
I kind of miss more raw steampunk elements in Verethragna, but that`s just me :slight_smile:
Wonderfull design overall…


Hmm…lemme try to sum up my feelings, after seeing your latest update…

…:eek: :eek: :eek:


great job on this one…heavy detail… poly count ?:buttrock: