Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Arseniy Chebynkin


Arseniy Chebynkin is entered in the “Steampunk Myths and Legends” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Finished Video: Steampunk final movie


  first update, team logo and first ideas.
[b] TEAM    (XC Team)[/b]

 [b][hardy-guardy](  - mattepaint

[d1ver](  - additional concept art & modeling

[Antonov Zakhar]([/b][b] - music

[ArsXC](  - [/b][b]concept art, story board,[/b] [b]modeling,  animation, [/b][b]rendering, [/b][b]effects[/b][b], team lead[/b]


let the creative xtreme begin :arteest: :wip: :bowdown:


Great start. Expecting quality.

How big is your team going to be??


Falcor_, Thanks! now in team 3 man, me, d1ver and croll. Probably someone else will join later. :slight_smile:

d1ver, Yo comrade! )


Arseniy, glad to see you participating! Love your stile, and can’t wait to see what your team will come with.

Nice logo :thumbsup:


NICE LOGO steam punk legend GUYS, :wink:
LOOKIN TO SEE MORE HERE :slight_smile:


Lets roll guys! :buttrock:


Cool! How many people in the team?


Concept bigest railway battlecruiser Leviathan.


It’s blowing my mind %/

And good luck $)


Looks Awesome!


That is sooooo cool :smiley:


great start! leviathan kill me!! :bowdown:


musi, Thanks! :wink:
mim-Armand, Yo )
CRoLL, Hey dude! )
ivanisavich, Thanks, in team now 5 mans. )
AdamTSC, THX )
eof, Yo comrade, thx! )
FedDark, ;D


Concept environment. City bridge, a lot thousandth settlement, railway stations and ports, this trading capital.

Concept Art: ArsXC
Additional promotional 3D art: VVCephei


no doubt, you’ll take the grand prize Man :buttrock:
so… keep up the good work :thumbsup:


Wow, that looks so cool!

Good luck!


Holy shit! :eek:

Awesome style you’ve nailed down here…love the uber-details!


what a beautiful compisition. brilliant choice of colours