Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Antonio Caparo


Holy crap :eek: AWESOME steampunk twist on the classic story :buttrock: kick some butt yo.
Can’t wait to see all those dirty textures with that cool lighting going on.


Hi everybody,

Here is the clean line art. Finally I could finish it this week. Now I will use it as a reference to block color masks in Photoshop. Comments are welcome!


Hi everyone,

I hope you all had had a very happy holidays and wish you all the best for this new year!

Here I?m trying to catch up with the challenge again. This is the masks step on my WIP. I use to block the main areas on the composition using the pen tool in Photoshop, a very helpful step to make quick selections in the future. The color here is not intended to be final, it?s just something approximate. I have to start running now if I want to have this finished on time so I hope there will be updates very soon! Stay tuned!


Textures! Here I?m applying a basic layer of textures over the entire image, a hard task this time since this image is rich in rust, metal, leather and other textures. The previous mask where very useful for this step. Comments are welcome!


Comments are welcome!

Three comments, then:

  1. I use the same color blocking technique as you.
  2. That detailed scrollwork on the bottom of Sleeping Beauty’s sleep-tube is quite lovely.
  3. HURRY UP!!!

You’d better get it done in time! :slight_smile:


Hi Michael, Thanks for your comments! Yes, I’m very concerned with point 3! There is only one way: less sleep and more coffee!


absolutely love this. reminds me a lot of my fave artists Moebius.
Awesome work man!!!:buttrock:


Hey there! I was trying to upload this one since yesterday morning but I was unable to access the site. The job is more elaborate now, almost close to finish but anyway I wanted to share with you this step.

This is the first approach to volume in the main characters and objects, not too much work of light and shadow, just defining volumes.

Chris, I’m a big fan of Moebius myself, one of my favorites and a huge influence on my work.
Thanks for posting!


steampunk Rubens :slight_smile:


Ok, another update. I completed all the volumes added lights, texts, more texture, decorations on glass… and bubbles, lots of them! I like how she now looks kind of vanished inside the dense tank liquid, like a ghost. Last step will be the steam and some final adjustments.
I know most of you are running to have your images finished on time but if you still have any time your comments are more than welcome. Good luck!


Hi Marcin, Yeah, kind of rubenesque girl, isn’t she? There is another artist I was looking at for the girl references: Francois Boucher.
Taking another look to the image I find the clock a little distracting there. I will adjust it’s color a little.
One of the things I love the most is to have my images finished with plenty of time, that way I can rest my eyes a couple of days and then go back to them before delivery. Not this time!!


This is a fine piece! I like the lighting and the texture contrasts. the smooth and bright in an interesting composition with the pitted and textured darks. It certainly caught my eye.


This is great- it deserves a lot more attention than it’s been getting!

The only crit is that the tank doesn’t look 3d yet- it needs darker edges and an overall reflection! Please keep going…I want to see it finished.:wip:


Hi everyone, thanks a lot for your comments.
Theresa, thank you for the suggestion, I will check the glass reflections.


Hi kaparo, glad to see your almost final one! very nice, very nice!
one of the most awesome entry in this challenge for me
I agree with the glass reflect and refrace if you can add some to the rim of glass tube, but
it depend on your look,

nice rendering and composition!


Wow, you got those values in really rapidly. They’re looking great! And the details are lovely too. I agree with Theresa about making the glass seem less matte and more shiny and reflective like glass. I also have to say that I find the bubbles kind of cheesy looking. They feel like you found a bubble photo, duplicated it a bunch, and squashed some of them - it feels like a cheap effect, not quite fitting the high quality of the rest of your painting. Do you even need so many bubbles? It adds a lot of motion to a sleep chamber - it might be more fitting for it to be more still anyhow.
Good luck with the rest! :thumbsup:


Hi there,
Michael: no, the bubbles where painted but yes, I don’t painted them all but a couple of them and then repeated and modified them. In a best case escenario it would be better do paint them all one by one but it was impossible this time.
I always liked her to be completely sorrounded by lots bubbles, with the tank boiling in motion. Its 12 o’clock, time to turn on the machines and wake her up, that’s why the engineers are coming down to this place and in a few moments she will open her eyes.

Thanks a lot for your comments and support!


My image was inspired by Sleeping Beauty and Snow White tales.
The princess fell asleep a long time ago after biting the poisonous apple of a terrible witch. The dwarf engineers rescued her and keep her isolated in a deep underground chamber until the time is right to wake her up again. The poisonous apple was quarantined too, a subject of investigations for this curious people. Now the clock struck 12, the engineers has return -even the lawman with his suitcase- the machines start to work, the water temperature rises and the tank boils with life. In a few moments she will open her eyes.


Hi everyone,
Finally I adjusted the glass, retouched the bubbles and added lots of steam. Even though this is my final image all comments are more than welcome. Since this was finished in a rush I still want to review it in the future.

Now I’m trying to upload the Hi Res files via the new Challenge Uploader with no luck. I’m on an Intel based MAC, OS X 1.5.6. I already asked in the forum for this and installed the latest Java for MAC. No solution yet. Let’s see if I have any luck before the clock struck 12! I would be very sad otherwise.

Anyway it was great to be here and share with all of you. As always you have been a great support with your comments and views. Good luck everybody! See you around!


Great work!Just great!