Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Antonio Caparo


I liked ur concept very much. stick to it. very good composition of all the elements too.Looking forward to ur progress:thumbsup:


Hi Kaparo,

I like your reinterpretation! Composition great, values spot on, I look forward to seeing where you take it :slight_smile:


This is the best idea I’ve seen so far! I love it!! Look forward to seeing more!


Hi there!
Yes Lionel, the left side is still too empty and poor. I have to work on it. Maybe a steampunkish intricate vegetation full of pipes with thorns or a giant spinning machine for weaving, those devices are really cool indeed.

As Rachel is saying Snow White fell asleep after biting the poisonous apple while the Sleeping Beauty falls asleep after pricking herself with a needle from the spinning machine.

It´s curious that both stories revolves around a similar topic and were very popular during the Victorian Age.
There was a kind of Myth with the sleeping or fainting woman during this period. The image of a powerless, weak woman wating for the man to rescue her was very common. It has a lot to do with the excessive use of the corset also, which makes breathing more diffciult. I´m thinking in using one on the girl. Not sure yet.

Thanks a lot for the comments!


hey Kaparo! buena suerte. ya se ve bacano!


this is definitely gonna rock, i love the potrayal of sleeping beauty/ snow white, and dwarves fit in so smoothly with steampunk that its an incredibly natural feeling image, keep up the great stuff, its an inspiration to me


You are doing a fantastic job man, your linework is perfect to start, and I love the concept idea. Can’t wait to see colors


Hi there!

This has been my Sunday Challenge, It’s been another very busy week.
Anyway, here is my color sketch. I made some changes before color: I added the poisonous apple, floating in a glass bubble. Yes I know, this is going more in the direction of Snow White with this little twist. The glass is going to have a Biohazard symbol on it to prevent the curious ones to bite it again.
I added some other devices on top-left and changed the clock on the background. We also have our missing dwarf back in the foreground. For the color I want her to be absolutely white even her hair, so inside the tank everything is going to be in a smooth monochromatic mint tone while everything outside it will be richly textured in warm metal tones. I think my next step is going to be line-art but if you have anything to critic or comment you are more than welcome!
Good luck!


perfect , your image very fit to the theme! my favourite in this challenge !


Hey man,
Thanks a lot for commenting on my thread and giving me some good ideas.

I love what you have going on in here. A great image is shaping up!


This is getting really nice. Simple story, easy to read, solid WIP. Good luck Antonio, keep up the great spirit!


This looks great. I love the idea of sleeping beauty and the dwarves. The image looks great and I love your style in previous works. This looks to be a great image.


wow thats amazing. Very cool. :slight_smile:


So far - the designs ROCK!



Hi everyone,
Thanks a lot for your comments! Last was a busy week so there are no updates on the challenge lately. I have to stretch time somehow for this week. Keep tuned!


Looks terrific! I love the tilted composition and, after looking at your portfolio, I’m really looking forward to how this one fills out.


Very nice concept. It reminds me of the bacta tank in Star Wars :slight_smile: I hope to see some updates very soon.


Hi everyone,
Sorry I have not to much to show here. This has been very busy days. Anyway I started with the line art, from which you can have a glimpse here. I created a grid over the sketch in Photoshop and enlarge the image on board. I use a blue col-erase pencil for it and once I am happy with everything I draw the clean pencil line over it. Later I will scan it and work everything else in photoshop. Hope I can update again by the end of the week. Cheers!


Looks great, Kaparo! I love her figure and the solidity of it - really pleasing! I might be wrong, but it looks like her right hand is wider than the left. The left one looks a bit smaller in comparison. But 'side from that, things are looking great, and I look forward to the rest. :thumbsup:


Hi Michael,
Thanks for your comments. You are right. I have to correct her hands. That’s the good thing with the blue line!