Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Antonio Caparo


A steampunk version of Sleeping Beauty? :slight_smile: That’s great! Your sketches also show a lot promise! Good luck!


A great choice for your concept! You have a very unique and refine visual style. It is wondeful to have you in this challenge. :slight_smile:


Sweet concept man! I really dig the idea and the style of your concept art! Keep going mate!


Hi everybody!
Thanks a lot for all the feedback. I’ve been following some other entries and I think this is going to be a great challenge.
This is my second round of sketches, this time the dwarf-engineers. They are going to look very similar except for small details like the flat top hat the second buddy is wearing and other things like that. Comments are welcome!


Great drawings! It’s a fun one to watch already.


Great idea, great sketch :love:
I like !


I’m really lovin’ the “look” of all these concpets - all the fun decorative details and such.
I like the engineers’ shoes especially for some reason, haha.


awesome concept. i’m definitely excited to see where this will go.


You’ve nailed the “steampunk” theme, certinaly one for people to look at if they are unsure of what it is. Nice tidy sketches too


I love this idea, really fantastic! I am looking forward to seeing some more


very nice concept!!I love the idea and the composition…
love your stuff so far, good luck.


Looking great, Kaparo! It’s a great take on a fairy tale, and your detailing work is looking nice so far. I’m glad you’re back for this challenge, as I always look forward to seeing your entries.


Hi everyone,
Finally I put everything together, I combined the previous sketches and added some new background elements, in the first sketch it looked too flat so I decided to create a hall with tall metal columns with a very big clock at the end of it. I like how it resembles a cathedral somehow. I have to review the clock design because it looks more like a pocket watch right now. I added a new dwarf floating down to us. I think he help to enhance the dimensions of the place. Maybe I will add another fellow in between this one and the two in the foreground, but I’m not sure yet.
Then I added midtones to study the lighting. The main light source is the lamp in the hand of the first dwarf. I’d like to create some refraction of it inside the fluid on the tank. There are a couple of lamps in the ceiling but their light is very low. And lots of steam!

Now I think that what it’s really happening on the scene is that it’s the time to awake the sleeping beauty: the clock is on 12, the machines start to work and the engineers arrive to complete their task. The fellow with the suitcase is a lawman, the one to ensure everything will be done by the book.

Comments and critics are more than welcome!


Ups! I forgot the one dwarf at the bottom. Sorry about that, I don’t know what I was thinking. Well, it was Sunday at 1 a.m. so you’ll have to forgive me. But he will be there for sure.


this is really coming together beautifully. I love the addition of the clock - that was a great idea.


i’m surely gonna love this one! :love: very promising indeed! :stuck_out_tongue:
i wonder what color tone will be used? … right now me imagining a nice minty/icy tone :stuck_out_tongue:
you’re definitely having fun! :smiley: good luck mate! :thumbsup:


I really love your idea.
Very good aproach to the mith and so good steampunk style.

I will keep watching your post.
My encourage to yo to finish this image.


@Well, it was Sunday at 1 a.m… - Sure you can do this things. Was Up whole night long yesterday 'coz of this show. That is the spirit of this challenge. Also, it was mentioned already, but I wanna second that - I love the background clock! A very nice touch. Keep posting.


Like everyone’s been saying, great idea, and great choices and details (the chubby beauty, the lawyer). Personally I’d be curious to see more of Sleeping Beauty’s castle on the right, but then again you’re composition’s very well balanced as it is, so I don’t know. Maybe something more on the upper left corner?


Great concepts…

Actually, didn’t Snow White fall asleep after eating the poison apple? If I recall, the dwarves then put her into a glass coffin until the prince came along and woke her with a kiss. Your concept would work with either tale!

Best of luck to you! :slight_smile: