Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Antonio Caparo


Very nice! I love the classical goddess proportions on snow white… really nice texture work too.


OH MY…! :eek:
WOW…this piece of art is amazing!! sooooooo nice!!! complimets!!this is one of the best image all around! great great great!


Amazing…truly Amazing…Good details and Good Job!


Thats really cool - definitely one of my favourites; I like the way you’ve handled the textures. :beer:


great final to a wonderful concept, congrats man and good luck!


Hi there!
I’m really happy you like the image!. It’s been a long time since I wanted to draw a girl with this classical proportions and this one was a good opportunity to do it. I still want to explore the topic further so I will go back to it in new images in the future, a couple of them already boiling in my head.
Once again, thanks so much and good luck, it was great to be part of this challenge and have you all here!


very cool image Antonio! interesting characters!


finally some “real beauty” around this forum :wink: Very nicely done, going straight to my inspirations… Good luck.


cool. :cool:

Best of luck!


Congratulations Antonio on finishing. I love the chubby beauty :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations!!! I love this piece since the very beginning, and it is wonderfully pleasant to see the final render! Thanks for all the input you gave me on my thread! The best of luck!


very nice final piece!


very nice final piece. awesome details


Congratulations Antonio! The quality of your work with this depiction of the myth, this rich lighting and materials are pure eye candy :slight_smile: Good luck for the challenge :wink:


nice twist to the tale and excellent work mate!
congrats :smiley:


Hi there!
Thanks once again for all the input! It’s been great to be in this challenge with all of you. Can’t wait to be part of the next one. All the best, take care!


looove it! Good work Antonio! I like a lot your way of texturing things… this time I didn’t follow your thread so closely, but it’s very good to see the way you work in an image… nice nice nice… :slight_smile:
Suerte! :beer:


Hola Fernando,

Glad to see you here again! Thanks a lot for your comments.
See you around!


I love the beauty of the image and mythology. The Art Nouveau details combined with the color palette is pure genius. Your lighting is superb. I have been so enriched through your brilliant WIP. Thank you so much for so clearly sharing the stages of your process. It is really astounding work and I wish I had found you during the competition. Congratulations on a masterpiece! :applause: :applause: :applause:


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