Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Antonio Caparo


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Latest Update: Final Image: Sleeping Beauty


Wow! A new challenge! It’s bee a long time since I entered for the last time. I’m really excited to participate in this one and share ideas with everybody around. Welcome aboard!

This is my first sketch. I choose the tale of Sleeping Beauty, but instead of the prince coming to rescue the sleeping princess it´s going to be the dwarfs from Snow White, so I think I am combining two tales in one image somehow. I decided to go with the dwarfs-engineers instead of the prince, I prefer the contrast of their small body shapes with the big size of the sleeping beauty.
Finally, I choose a plus-size beauty instead of a contemporary slim figure for the girl. After seeing some Pre-Rafaelites and Renaissance painters I realize her shape is more in the mood with the retro sense of the image.


Very cool concept. I like your sketch.


really nice idea kaparo, and sketch looks nice also sofar, specially the concept of this countainer looks awsome and figures of dwarfs! :wink:

cheers, :slight_smile:


the combination between sleeping beauty and snow white in a steam punk style is just amazing. the concept sketch you have is very well done. already has a nice composition to it. cant wait to see this one finished. way to go


awesome take on sleeping beauty! Please keep to this idea, because it’s pretty much destined to be a favorite of mine. Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:


This is a cool idea. I particularly like the composition of the dwarf engineers.

Looking forward to seeing more.


Really great idea you got :slight_smile: and great composition, this sketch! good luck!


As soon as i saw the image, before i even read the description i saw Snow white and the dwarfs, but i like the idea of combining the two tales, it would be cool if you could find some of the original costumes and incorporate some aspect of the in the piece.

Good luck, love this one so far.


Hi everyone,
Thanks for your comments. Ive been doing some sketches for the devices and characters, I’m starting here with the hypersleep tank. I love typography so I’m planning to add some decorated texts and logos somehow.
I found a fabulous book at the public library yesterday: “Old Engravings & Illustrations, volume 2: Things” This is part of a series of free royalty engravings mostly from late 19th Century and beginning of 20th Century depicting the works of those amazing illustrators. They have always been a great source of reference for my work. The volume 2: Things, include many machines and devices from the Victorian Age which I found very inspiring for this challenge. I strongly recommend it!


Amazing sketches so far, like the idea of creating peices or parts then putting them together as a whole image, but like your idea as well, Cheeers


I already like the idea of the combined tales. your sketches are well done to :slight_smile:


Hey Antonio,

Really cool start. Like your concept :slight_smile: The design of the chamber has a great touch, cool work. Can’t wait to see more development on your idea :smiley: Cheers!! :beer:


Good work, I like the look of your tank and filigree.


I think your concept is great - good luck


Fantastic Idea. The only thing your missing is the wasp waist on your figure, maybe you can incorporate a steam punk girdle. Great work Antonio.



Hi everyone,
Thanks a lot for your comments. Brad, the idea of the gridle is great, very victorian. Hmmm, I´m not sure of putting any clothes on her. I like the contrast between her naked figure and the bulky over-dressed figures of the dwarfs. I have to think about it. Thanks a lot!


Nice idea!


You are one of my favorites illustrators, looking forward to see another great work! Concept is nice. Good luck.


The sketch looks awesome already, cant wait to see more.