Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Antone Magdy


Congrats on the completion. Feels good to complete a challenge doesn’t it? Hope it was quite a learning experience.


rattlesnake : Thanks amigo :beer:

ace4016 : yea it feels so good but actually after sumbitting u find urself seeing some stuff u didnt see before and u talk to ur self like crazy " why didn`t I see this before " lol


lol, yea, that’s part of the learning process. That’s why it’s important to finish projects as most people don’t see what’s really wrong when it’s still just a WIP :stuck_out_tongue:


Really good to see how this turned out. And it looks excellent :thumbsup: The whole scene looks very real and believable. Congratulations buddy. As always, it’s great to see in you in these challenges and I hope to see you back again


Hey man, cool to see you there. That’s turning pretty nice. I see you improved a lot the lighting in general. Keep working on that way. Any HD pictures ? Did I miss them ?




ace4016 : yups :smiley:

mdavid : thanks mate I think challenges is all about making great friend like u (or maybe this is just me ) :beer:

Lacrevette : Sylvain mon ami thanks for the nice words and a higher res just for my friend :cool:


Hey Tony,

Congrats on your finale! :smiley: Like a lot the light mood on your image !! The best luck !! Cheers!! :beer:


Thanks a lot my friend “keep going” for the large image… great details and of course… very original :thumbsup:


Ferx : Hola amigo glade that u did like the lights :bounce: …u know one of worst moments were when I found out that u didn`t finish ur entry , it was going so cool :banghead:

Lemg : Mon ami glade to know that someone found it useful to have a larger image(didn`t think that anyone would care though…) again thanks for ur support and your crits were always in the right place :wise:


Congratulations Dude. Very nice job:). Good lighting.


madshooter : hey mate:bounce: your lights too are so cool … thanks for the nice words :wink:


good job man ,i like rendering i like it , realy it is very nice
good luck


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