Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Antone Magdy


wow didn`t think that anyone would like it, you all made my day :love:

moustafaer : yup I hope I can finish

Ferx : mate ur idea rock will do that …thanks alot for this :bowdown:

soapy : thanks friend :beer:

TheFreak : well I`am looking forward to seeing it myself lol :scream:

DimitrisLiatsos : thanks mate means alot coming from you :buttrock:

daWinky : Sabrina glade u find it perfect choice …I will continue as u say boss :arteest:

madshooter : thanks my friend u too mate keep going …faster lol

Lemog : wires my friend just for u :bounce: (hope it looks good :rolleyes: )


working on the arms right now, thought of some changes …hope u like it


Hey! You sure have kept going here lately - lots of nice updates!
Really nice details for that armor - have you thought of coloring yet?


glade u like it Gunie :bounce:

well I did think of it but wasn`t satisfied so thought of leaving it a while untill I finish the modeling


Hi Tony

Nice work so far, you getting better and better :wink: that radio-head looks really mean :smiley:

Just notice, how you will bend the shoulder, mechanism looks bending only horizontal, hard that way either :wink:

Keep up :thumbsup:


It’s been a long time i’m not comming and what i see is excellent :slight_smile:
Really a good work :wink:
Keep it up …


Hey nice update dude. Somehow I feel you can add some rivets on his fore arms also.
keep going:thumbsup:


I guess many will agree if I said I took very long time on this dude… now it`s time to move on …


Dodgeas3d : hello Arnas …I noticed your point and fixed it thanks alot for this :thumbsup:

Elendil_le_Grand : thanks friend glade u like it :bounce:

madshooter : did that :scream: thanks mate


oh ,yeah , very nice and classic look


Great work on the Osiris model. All the little details on the armour and the elbow and knee joints really put this guy over the top.


Yep, that modeling looks great. Really nice work!


Hey Tony,

wow, you’ve been really busy, excellent work on the body, I’m impressed to discover all these details:thumbsup: !
Is he already rigged? Now I’m eagerly waiting to see your next steps…:bounce:

Nice day for you,



Perfect for me… just a bit more details for the legs… nice work Mister Keep Going !


late reply as always lol

monsitj : glade u like it mate :beer:

soapy : thanks friend :wink:

mdavid : thanks alot my duck friend :stuck_out_tongue:

daWinky : cant call it a rigging but when I was modeling him I adjusted the pivots and stuff so that posing him wont be a problem

Lemog : thanks mate :beer:


Very nice work Dude:thumbsup: . And yeah I agree you should move on as deadline is coming near :slight_smile:


Hey ! Great modeling here Antone !
Keep going !


Good modeling and a very good steampunk look :wink:
Keep it up man …


Hey Tony!

Where are you? No updates here for a while and I miss you around:curious: …I hope everything is fine for you?
Keep going :bounce: and of course a late Happy New Year for you!



thanks madshooter , gpepper , Elendil_le_Grand and daWinky for the nice words … :love: