Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Antone Magdy


well I`am not 100% satisfied with all parts but this works for now … time is running and still lots of things to do


another view


sorry for being really late I had some exams going … funny thing is while I was writing in the exams paper I had alot of ideas I hope I didnt draw Osiris in the paper lol :bounce:

gpepper : thanks for the keep going mate :scream:

madshooter : yea mate it makes perfect sense :arteest: will do that

mdavid,anostudio,JackZhang,moustafaer: thanks guys glade u like it

flaeticia : well I used a target light and skylight and adjusted some stuff in mental ray hope this is useful

DimitrisLiatsos : sure thing mate :bounce:

Lemog : lol funny pic :buttrock: and am here now :scream:

daWinky : lol the response was alittle late this time …better late than never I guess :wise:

ace4016 : here is a new one :scream:


Hey there Tony,

hehe, this works for me, nice modeling, actually the Egyptian touch comes along really good with the steampunk feeling:thumbsup: …perhaps some more details and refining here and there, you know, the bolts and gears stuff…

Go Tony, go!:bounce:



Woo, he is cool! Really nice modeling and a good egypt-steamy-punkish style! KG! :smiley:


Sincerly that works… maybe without textures, lighting and environment, that appear a bit corse… but I’m sure that could be great with all the other elements…

just a minor remark…maybe there’s too much square parts… that make a little bit more robots than steampunk…
but you could manage that while adding some rounds and smooth details… screws and bolts, tubes and pipes… and that will be perfect ! :thumbsup:


great it will be great if you add some “Steampunk” details to the chair also :arteest:


Nice work so far! The little Steam Punk Osiris is cracking me up. Good stuff.


Hey there Tony, I seen on your message in ‘Fetch’ that you were busy in here :slight_smile: Glad to see you enjoying yourself and you are doing very well with it all so far. If you attack this with the same motivation that you always have you will have no problems. Keep up the good work!


daWinky : thanks Sabie …updates in a few minutes (hope u find what u said :arteest: )

Gunilla : hey Gunie really glade u like it…always here to motivate me :thumbsup:

Lemog : yup u are right after reading ur reply I saw ur point hope u find the next update better

anostudio : sure mate later on…don`t worry

soapy : :scream:

TheFreak : yeaaaahhh team fetch is everywhere lol …thanks for beeing here mate :bounce:


thought of changing the torso a little bit hope u think it is more steampunked … any c&c are more than welcome


hope u like the update everyone (in case u don`t like please tell me )


No no Tony… it’s impressive… good mix between ancien egypte and steampunk !
it appears there’s lot of polygons, not ?

the design is very good… and original…
…keep going of course :thumbsup:

I hope to see soon the wire :wink:

That’s appear less square now… then, continue like that my friend ! :wip:


yeah that is realy impressive i can say its a egyptian steampunk piece , i hope u finish all the project keeping that style … goodluck :thumbsup:




Hey Tony,

Osiris is looking great, like the original style on it, love the cartoon touch on it. The model for torso looks cool!! . Maybe you can ads some pipes an tubes from the throne to Osiris, only a comment :slight_smile: Great work. Cheers mate !! :beer:


Hey nice modeling on the breastplate it looks really good. No worries at all, just keep working!


That is some impressive bit of detail there Tony, you are really going all out on this one :slight_smile: keep up the great work on this. Looking forward to seeing the finished masterpeice


Impressive Chest armor indeed …:thumbsup:


Hey Tony,

wow, this is exactly what is needed here:thumbsup: ! Perfect choice for Osiris, this way he will look more smooth and the details are really nice! Just continue with this style!:cool:



Hey amigo very nice details:). Keep up the good work buddy.