Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Antone Magdy


added some details… this is not the final light in case u are wondering just wanted to see how it looks lol


daWinky : glade u like it Sabrina…I dont like it cuz I feel that something or wrong or something is not there dont know what :banghead:

Lemog : yea I guess so …actually I was afraid that u guys don`t like the idea:surprised

Elendil_le_Grand : glade u like it :arteest:


Hello man. i like the modeling so far and the lighting experiment looks very nice …

im posting you some ideas that probably u already have in your mind…but hope it is helpful.


looking great :slight_smile: the lighting is nice and the models also… i know ur still gonna tweak it… im looking forward to your updates :slight_smile:


Dirtying and enriching as Jorge (holà Jorge :wavey: ) will be of course good additions… dark mood is also well chosen finally… that also could contribute with the contrast with metallic parts of the steampunk things…

just try to have a framing less perfect, less straight… also… a lighting more strange… but for that, you have again some time…


Hey Tony,

good points from Jorge and Lolo here, some detailing later will be a good idea.
But I really thing you’ve the perfect background for the moment, don’t put too much time in it now and just start with your characters;) . If you position them on the place, you’ll always change a little the framing, lighting and so on, you just see then better what looks good and you can add details where needed. So : Keep going with the other scene elements and leave the background alone for the moment!:slight_smile:



Yeah like your lighting …
What is your render ? MR ?


rattlesnake , Lemog: guys u are the best thanks alot for the help :beer:
cgdigi: am very happy u like the lighting :slight_smile:

daWinky: agree with you Sabrina …I must focus on other stuff now :wink:

Elendil_le_Grand: yups MR


Excellent render !
Keep going man !


The comments already posted seem very good to me. I think you’re making a great choice for your environment


Some good points given by Jorge and Lemog. Also You can rotate the pillars or texture Uv’s for those pillars, so that they don’t look repeated. I don’t Know wether it makes sense:) If you feel just give it a try.
Very nice update, Keep going Dude.


hahaha… Are you sure ?

here’s a little photo for the motivation :wavey:


powerful story keep it UP man :wip:


great render and nice story :slight_smile:

did you use sun and sky for lighting the scene ?


I like the last update, the feeling is great.


Yes …it is coming really well…maybe just listen to rattlesnake and do some damage on the stone here and there. :beer:


Hi Tony,

just here to ask for an update, it worked great the last time, so:
update, update!:bounce:



Strangely, Tony is everywhere on CgSociety, but not here :curious:

huhu… come on Mister Keep Going ! :smiley:


Very nice idea and modeling ya anton keep going ya man



Need more updates :smiley: :bounce: