Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Antone Magdy


I hope u are not disappointed :hmm:


I hope u are not disappointed

But not at all! It’s an interesting idea for sure.:slight_smile:



Hey Tony, thanks a lot for the comment in my thread!

I know others have said about the steampunk element and I see your most recent post is definitely going in that direction. I’ll wait for more updates and see how this evolves, keep it up!


Hey Dude nice to see ya in this challenge:). Nice progress. All the best:thumbsup:


That’s so good for me… your interpretation of Osiris could appear very stranger… but totally in the theme… I already like much…
continue like that Mister “Keep Going” :cool:


Hey Tony,

Like a lot your concept on Osiris, very unique :smiley: great model! Waiting for the next update! Cheers mate!! :beer:


Hey Tony ,

Your Osiris modeling is darn cute ,

Let us see more

cheers ,



i love this style!

nothing to crit so far so ill just post this comment with nothing constructive :stuck_out_tongue:


Steampunk and cartoony too! Cool! This is excellent progress and a lot of fun. Keep up the great work, buddy. You’re clearly on your way now


Like your concept and your osiris :wink:


Nice idea for your concept, old egypts gods are a very very good base.


Nice idea! That’s a good thing to work on Egyptian mythology, it changes from Roman/greek gods and legends!

Good job!


finally an update. Been waiting long for this one. Hurry up~


Hi Tony,

just dropping by for a little cheering: Update, Update:bounce: !

Have a great day,



still working on it not 100% satisfied…so I guess I`am going to make the place without steampunk stuff and steampunk the characters :smiley:


Ha! I’m first in! :smiley:

Great to see a start of the surroundings. It looks nice and I think it could work well with your steaming characters. K.G.!!


niva : hope u like the new updates

Lemog : always keeping me up :scream:

madshooter, oneandonlyDiscoStu, Ferx ,Elendil_le_Grand, DeeVad: thanks guys :buttrock:

Zapan : lol … hope u like the new updates :arteest:

mdavid : glade u like it mate :bounce:

agou : thanks alot …really like ur idea so go faster can`t wait to see ur updates :thumbsup:

JackZhang : ok memo taken… go faster:banghead:go faster:banghead:

daWinky : ur wishes are my command Sabie :scream: hope u like it

Gunilla : hey Gunie glade:wavey: u are the first indeed :scream: am really happy u like it


Hey Tony,

Well, that was indeed prompt:D !
And of course I like it, perfect background for your scene and a lot of free space to put all the steampunk in:thumbsup: , why you’re not satisfied?



That will be with great contrast between steampunk things and environment…


Render is really nice and sweet :wink:

And Lemog is right the contrast will be great …