Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Antone Magdy


Well started, but I have imagined a progress already more steampunk… even for the environment… really inspired by papyrus, but by example, colomn made in metal, and so…

…I’m waiting the continuation… Keep going ! :wavey:


yea was thinking of this too … I think I will give it a try :arteest:


Good luck dude, nice details.


knock knock Guess who! :slight_smile: . You’ve improved since the last time I’ve seen your work! Curious how you’ll steam punk the Egyptians :bounce::bounce::bounce:.


Cool concept! Wondering how you’ll steampunk this one. Intrigued, so subscribing …


Good pillar, Tony. I like the texture.
You are such a hardcore forumer! I KNEW you’d be here!

Good luck~


Tylius , RicoD thanks friends hope u like next updates :beer:

ace4016: omg James …very long Time no talk my friend glade to hear u are still alive !! lol mate I`am really happy to see u posting here …so are u joining ??

JackZhang: Hardocore Former !! lol :beer:


Hey Tony,

ah, finally I can see the picture you’ve linked before…nice inspiration and original concept.
And the collumn is already impressive, good start. Now I’m very curious to see how you bring in the steampunk style…

Keep g…, ah, no: good continuation:D !



Hey Tony !!

Great to see you here ! :slight_smile:

It’s surely a pretty cool concept , the work already is !

Keep rocking mate ,

cheers ,



Not sure if I’ll join in. If I do I’ll be sure to let you know :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking great Tony :thumbsup: The little details in the columns make a world of difference. Like the others I’m keen to see the steampunk but I know this is still very early in the piece and am sure you know exactly what you are doing! Good luck buddy


Great start here - making a steampunk egyptian scene is a really cool idea! I’m looking forward to see how you develop it. Move on! :smiley:


that’s looks cool so far tony, I liked how you texture your columns …

am following that one dude, keep it up :slight_smile:


looking good so far - I’m with Lemog on adding some steampunk-ish elements to the column :slight_smile:


Helo Tony!

Looking great, concept and the colum! I like it a lot.:applause:
I didn’t see your tread until now … hop! Subscribing! :bounce:


I love Egyptian Mythology. Done in a Steampunk flair could be really cool.


Hey Tony,

Great concept, like a lot your idea :smiley: The models for the columns looking really great! Good luck and cant wait to see more updates on your concept! Cheers!! :beer:


I hope this clears my idea :slight_smile: a bit about how I`am going to “steampunk” the image … this is Osiris (the one sitting on the chair )


daWinky: thanks Sabrina

Keep g…, ah, no: good continuation !
lol :beer:

Zapan : hey Steph always nice to see u here :cool:

mdavid : hey mark …ur post made my day actually :beer:

Gunilla : glade to hear u like the idea Gunie hope u like the updates

maxspider3000 : thanks mate …:slight_smile:

Intervain : hello magdalena …about the column I will give it a try but now I`am focusing on getting Osiris and the others Done :wink: thanks for giving ur opinion

scootermaya : hey Michel glade u finally found it :beer:

miketche : hope so :wip:

Ferx : lol hope u like the updates :smiley:

thanks everyone for dropping by… hope I don`t disappoint you in my updates :smiley: :beer: you are all making it unforgeable challenge and hope u all are having fun in ur entries


Hi Tony,

ah, if I understand this right your characters, or at least Osiris, will be a kind of bots !?
Now I’m of course really curious to see how this will mix with the “Egyptian-look”…
I like the way you’ve made the mechanics, the plugged eyebrows are hilarious:D !

Looking forward to the next update!