Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Antone Magdy


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Latest Update: Final Image: Judgement Day


Yeah Antone !


Waouwwwww… and of course… Keep Going ! :scream: :thumbsup:


Hey Tony:bounce: , now is the time to get all the "Keep going"s back!:smiley:

Great to see you here and I wish you all the best for the challenge!



Hi man! long time no see! glad to see you r in , good luck !


gpepper: yaaah :wavey:

Lemog : lol sure thing mate :scream:

daWinky : Sabrina :bowdown:

monsitj : thanks mate I missed u too :bounce:

thought of sharing what I have in mind so far …


Nice inspiration for sure Antone :thumbsup:


HeY Antone! How good to see you here, long time no see. Good luck and have fun… and most important Keep Going!! :slight_smile:


Hey Tony, I must have come in too late to see your idea - the link doesn’t work for me now. But whatever you come up with, for sure I’ll be enjoying the progress. Bring it on!


Thanks Laurent and Gunie

Mark hello my Friend here is a new link


I’m sure you could make something really interesting… with a special graphic treatment well adapted… while keeping the good mood !

…and one thing is good, it exists much good references ! :wise:


good luck tony … nice choice of the topic dude …

waiting for your steps man :slight_smile:


Hey Antone!! Best of lucks, man!!:thumbsup:


I guess this will be my concept in the challenge ofcourse in a “steamy” kind of way lol more to come soon


:bounce:…now am working on the layout just blocking some stuff to see how it looks updates in a few minutes :wip:


hey hey Antone ! i’vn’t seen your thread, a pharaonic thread for sure ^^
i wish you good luck for this one, and lots of fun of course ^^

keep going ! :rolleyes:


hey Cyril :bounce: thanks for the good wishes Friend …and keep going :twisted: :wip:


Blocking the scene as I imagined it the one pointing is osiris the one on the left is Anubis and the right is Thoth and ofcourse the little guy is the person who just died


wow. i was thinking the same thing. good idea . : p
may your heart be light .


Working on the column