Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Angel Nieves


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I must admit that I’ll have a tough time with this one but I’ll give it my best shot it’ll be fun.

What I have in my head right now as concepts go is a parts and devices trader shop with the store clerk in the middle of the picture with a bunch of stuff to sell on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. You don’t expect that everyone build their own devices, some have to be acquired somewhere right?

Will post a sketch soon.

Good luck everyone but most importantly, have fun :slight_smile:


hi how are you man! long time no see!
and your initial idea sound interesting , if you stuck there are some reference link in challenge page ,which is great to find inspiration!
good luck



glad to see you in Angel. long time for sure !
Good luck :slight_smile:


Here is a rough sketch of what I had in mind, I’ll ask my wife to set up a photo shoot with me to get the right pose for this guy, I want the hands opened as if he is presenting the captured fairy to a potential customer. The fairy will get the steampunk treatment too.


heyyy bro!! :bounce: really happy you joined in! :stuck_out_tongue: … an interesting concept already!
let it all begin! :wise: … it’s time to go bonkers! :twisted:
good luck to you mate! :thumbsup: have fun!


Nice. You probably weren’t thinking about this at all, but it reminds me of a part in Perdido Street Station where the main character has this caterpillar creature in his labratory and is trying to figure out what to make of it. Not really the same idea, but I figured I’d mention it regardless. I really like how I could visualize his lab and would be pretty thrilled to see this come out similar in some fashion.


I never heard of Perdido Street Stationbefore but it sounds interesting, I might pick it up after I finish the current book I’m reading, thanks for bringing it up! :thumbsup:


HI ANgel!!Glad to see you’re in again!Good luck & big fun mate!!


I’m rethinking my idea… I originally thought of a steampunk Kraken would be pretty bad ass… and well it might be more time consuming but it will be more appropriate and did I mentioned badass?


I’m working on the Kraken design… This idea might actually be faster to make than the other one… I’ll post a sketch soon…


Mr. Snows the kraken would be nice. I’ll purchase tickets to see it too.


Hey Angel,

Nice start, and the kraken idea sounds cool :smiley: cant wait to see your idea on it. Cheers !! :beer:


I feel much better with the Kraken concept. Here is a quick sketch of what I have in mind. The Kraken will be built with a huge ship as the base; the bottom will not be seen since it will be underwater. I still need to draw the arms but at least I can start modeling.


Angel! Nice start :thumbsup:

The kraken idea is tight and I like what youre doing with the sketch, nicely thought out. That morey eel heads is gonna look wicked with all the metal gadgetry around it. :buttrock:


Can’t go wrong with the Kraken :D. Looking good so far. Good luck on the challenge


Started modeling the Leviathan or (Kraken in Clash of the Titans). Still lots to do before the head is finished.


this is very exciting!
reading MechaHateChimp’s comment… me really eager to see what lies ahead! :eek:
cheers man! :beer:


Thanks for the comments guys:thumbsup:
Right now I think I’ve settled on only the Kraken and Andromeda in chains… no Pegasus or Perseus. Also I’m not sure if the Morey eel will be “real” looking as if it was captive within the Kraken or just a decorative sculpture, will see…


awesome idea - really looking forward to the progress. Great start on the modeling already :thumbsup:


That’s a very nice model, SNoWs. Looks like you can do steam punk after all :slight_smile: