Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Andrei Brovcenco


Awesome guys…congrats on finishing! This is my favorite team entry…I hope you guys win!


Very nice work! BRAVO BAIETI! Sunt bucuros ca suntem mai multi romani in competitiesi avem ocazia sa aratam ce putem!:applause:


Tyson, thank you, anyway it was a great experience to test our skills in very small spare time. Very well used spare time. Great stuff for the portfolio we achieved and this is one of the most important things I guess. I sincerely wish you the same, for you things are a LOT clearer. We are amazed by your achievement! Well done!

Adrian, aha, densitatea de artisti digitali e destul de mare in regiunea asta :slight_smile:
Ceea ce nu-i rau deloc!
Bafta si voua baieti, ati facut o treaba buna si va uram si voua succese si spor pana la final!


Yeah, it’s one of my team favourites as well.
The whole visual development is just amazing. The colours, the design everything just fits very well together and creates a very belivable world.

Love it :smiley:


Great work! Great style (very nice use of colours, and great design of environments and characters) and great animation.

Congrats on finishing the animation! And goodluck with the judging!


As I have mentioned befor - love that apple!

Beautiful job, guys, well done :applause:


Sorry, I have issues with the better quality upload. Hope to solve it soon!


well done guys. looks stunning. I like the water drop on the apple. very interesting how you’ve done that. Gratz on finishing!


We’ve fised the trailer, and we’re trying to post it now.


Software: 3ds max

Here is the trailer for our movie. Hope you like it!

Play Video >>


No probs for me… even shorter, it’s perfect :applause:


Very nice indeed,concept and environments also the animation.I have one question,your story is base on a myth or legend characters,or is just a steampunk story?

Anyway looks very good!


We all know the expresion “when the pigs will fly”… well that’s the basic “Myth” on wich I went, and around it, I builded a different steampunk world. That’s it. And yes, it’s a steampunk storry.
Of course it is the theme requires it :slight_smile:

Initialy I thought going for atlantis, for a second, but that would be a overussed subject that would have fit very well, so that’s it: The Myth of The flying Steampork! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your replay! BAFTA BAIETI!:beer:


yep… it’s truly that in english, and in french it’s : when hens will have teeth :beer: haha


Software: 3ds max,

Our making off is most of all a presentation of our character, because it took alot of time put it together…put them together. The other steps that we didn’t mention is rendering and collor corection.

No compositing was done, as we decided to render full scenes, to keep that total “3D” feeling, so every frame is actually what’s in the rendered scene.
We consider that matte painting must be verry well done, and if it’s not, its not the best solution. By saying that, hope you enjoy our full presentation of the movie and and not regret the couple of minutes of your life watching it.

Thanks everybody, and CG society to work on such a great theme and project!

Looking forward to next one!

Play Video >>


superb work ! very professional.
i specialy like your rigg:eek: and colors .




Amazing movie, modeling, animation, rendering and compositing!!!
It looks like a scene from a main stream feature, totally amazing!!

Good luck to you!:applause:


Fabulous characters and animation. Really great!!


Thiago, Lena, Thanks!

Promise we’ll deliver better and better results from all perspectives in next challenges. The constat work blinded us, and we can’t really see the result, so the fact that you like it is what matters to us. Thanks a bunch!