Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Andrei Brovcenco


Pyke, Lemong, Thanks, good luck to you too!


Alexandra, thank you, good luck to you and your team too! I saw your concepts, and the idea, trully unique.
I love the book and like the way you turned it.

About the resemblense with Robots, I wasn’t aware of it until I recieved a comment and thought, mmm, yes… It came out because of the spherical structure of pork’s head I guess. Structure which is needed in his facial movements.


Very nice style, models and environment!

Good luck!


truly amazing, guys.
great job with light and textures, I really like the atmosphere…

I think the most interesting thing is the perfectly coherent color palette, it just keeps everything together.

are these just out of the box 3d renders? is there any color correction yet?

I’m impressed!


ru-bonsai, thank you, we rendered all the scenes with same lighting and render settings, so we haven’t any trouble with keeping the same atmosphere and color pallete.

Yes, we’ve done slight color correction, not to big anyway, we hate burned collors and we’re trying to avoid that.

Thanks again for the kind words guys, hope no technical problems will arise, no big ones, and we’ll make it on time.


Software: 3ds max

We almost finished animation and started rendering, this is without any color corection and any other postprocessing. Sorry for the late update, very busy days.

Play Video >>


Woooow!!! I love it! The animation is wonderful and it all has such a whimsical feel to it :smiley:

Especially good job on the drip, and I lol’d when the little bug got his head sucked into the pig’s tongue.


VERY NICE! Bravo baieti!
And animation is also very good!:bowdown:


:scream:+:thumbsup:+:bounce:+:buttrock:= :applause:



Very nice animation and BEAUTYFUL renders! I love it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words guys, we keep on going, simultaniously we’re working on sound. we d
A few more shots to animate, a lot of them to render.

marc, => we: :D, Thanks!

Adrian, Multumesc, Bafta si voua baieti!

More renders soon!


Incredible… world and mood perfect… love your vision, great animation… :applause: sincerly !


Great character SteamPork! It looks great and animates very well! :cool:
Happy rendering.


Very nice work indeed.
Love the animation.

Only thing i don’t find too good is the cameramoves. Well, there isn’t actually any camera moves. You got some great angles, but sometimes it’s like you’re not sure if the video is playing or not. Maybe you could do some great things with just subtle camera zooms or little camera moves. Camera’s don’t always have to move, but when the scene has little movement it can be a good compensation.

Anyways, great work.


Yes, until is not rendered and without any sounds, our style isn’t really well defined. The static cameras are is one of our choices, and now it’s noteven rendered.

We’re working on sound now, hope it’ll make more sense then!

Thanks for the tip, we really apreciate it! :slight_smile:

Hope you’ll like the final result!


I like the characters of robots. The animation and colours are really good too.
Good luck guys:)


Hello again everybody!
Today we finished rendering and we’re working on sound, trailer and how we did it. Here are some screens form our animation.

Next update are final submisions. Hope you’ll like it!


looks great, nice colors and atmosphere. The animation seems nice as well. Well done!


I really love your overall design, especially the characters!
Looking forward to the finished movie! :wink:

toate cele bune!
(i hope thats right… my romanian language skills are a little out of shape) :smiley:


Software: After Effects, 3ds max, photoshop

Well, we did manage in time, here is our animation, we did the best we could at this challenge.
Sorry for the bad quality, we’ll update for a better one. Just had some problems with uploading the movie.

Hope you like it!

Play Video >>