Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Andrei Brovcenco


Thx :slight_smile:

It will be so cool!


damn! that is what I call an unique style :slight_smile: I love it! really great idea, hope you will manage to finish it on time!

good luck


oh, yeah, unique

i love theese guys

so, andrei, where’s the bug? :smiley:


Thanks everyone! We keep on working, finished the rigging, and most of the texturing for both of the characters.

Here is the SteamBug model and a screen for the rig.


Awesome! Just LOVE the style!


excellent characters


Thank you Tyson, Vincent for feedback. Here is the SteamPork ready to go.
Next step: Animation, a few shots are done. Hope we’ll make it in time.

C&C are welcome!

p.s. Happy Holidays Guys and may the New Year be Good.


i can hardly wait to see theese characters in action :smiley:


Thanks Ciprian, soon, really soon ! :slight_smile:

Here is another WIP for our environment.
Simultaniously we are working on animation.

C&C are welcome.

Good luck everybody!


Very nice work!
It looks really cool :slight_smile:


I really like your characters. They are extremely charismatic. I Like the color palette you have selected too.



I love that tree ! Excellent


Thanks for the kind words guys, many things still have to be changed and done and we’re working on them.

More updates soon!


I really like your character and environment design and the pallet you chose. Goodluck finishing it all up!


Thanks Martijn81, good luck to you to!

Here is another update. The shot showing the branch with the water filled mechanical apple, and the drop of water leaking from it.


You guys are doing a wonderful job. I love the mechanical tree and the way you modelled it! Keep it up!!!


Yes, and the apple.

Soon we’ll post and animation previews.

C&C are welcome friends!


Awesome stuff. Its very Dr Seuss, but with your own spin.


Love these last renders… too clean… too beautiful :beer:

no crits…


Oh, beautiful renders!
And nice concept too :slight_smile: Slightly reminds me of “Robots”.
Looks like your mechanical beings are after water too - my team doing the Old Man fishing for water :slight_smile:

Good luck! Nice work.