Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alexandra Ciolac


very cool…the fish look great and i guess the rig is also done well:D…can’t wait to see it textured and the first trailer stills :thumbsup:


great concepts and execution so far

i’ll keep an eye on your thread :wink:


by Esben Toft Jacobsen.

This is our final animatic.
And we are starting scene layouts and animation of scenes with fish (our ready asset).

Play Video >>


Very good and precise animatic (great framings)… that give the envy to see more :wip:

courage the following steps :beer:


hey guys!

i promised sasha to drop by here every once in awhile. so i better do so.
very nice progress here. fish is looking great. i like the design.
i’ll be back later for more great stuff.
keep at it.



Just loved the design and execution of this steampunk fish! I bet this rig is very fancy too! couldn’t you post a video link of how this rig work? Can’t wait to see it in motion!


Thank you! And we still hope to finish it.

Thanks Vlad! I am to get out an animatable boat today so my team mates can start animating, and next week I will go on surfacing the fish and adding detail to the boat. Because our limited resources at the moment, the plan is to get away if preferably only shading for the fish, and texture only the necessary parts of the boat depending on the framing.

Thanks! And you are welcome to visit our thread any time :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! Our story master Esben have done a great job on animatic. And layouts and animation is starting next week, so look for an update soon!

Hey Rasmus :wavey: I am so glad to see you visiting our thread! Hope you will like the boat too :slight_smile:
(Just a note: Rasmus was one of the guys I wanted to join the team, and hope he will do so for the next challenge :))

Thank you! The rig is actually quite simple, FK based and no automations, which gives the most freedom to animator. The trick is a clever placement of rotation points :slight_smile: I have tryed to do a motion test playblast, but FLV conversion of the playblast looked so bad that I thought the best of it… But I am thinking of doing the turntable+motion test render when it’s shaded. The boat rig is going to be slightly more complicated…


you did awesome concept work for you project! I’m looking forward to your final :wink:


By Alexandra (Sasha) Ciolac.

The boat rig.
As you can see, the model is not entirely ready, but elements that essential to the animation are ready modeled. The rig is script generated, and it allows to add extra needed controls and modeling detail later in process without affecting already animated elements. It also allows for non-liniar workflow: it’s being modeled, rig is being refined and aniamted at the same time.


by Esben Toft Jacobsen.

Here our scenes and frame counts for them. Andreas is using it to make layouts and start the animation.


Hi, I’ve just discovered your thread and this is really awesome.
I can guess you’re in the rush right now, and I hope you will finish it, bcause I’ve been teased by the great concept sketches and animatics and am now eager to see the final animation.
Good luck to you and keep up the fantastic work !


By Andreas Normand Grontved (andreasng).

It has been some time since we have posted an update, but we are workingvery hard to get things done. And here is a mager update…
This is the near-final animation (unless we will get some good comments and suggestions on it). Andreas did a wonderful job on it :slight_smile:

Play Video >>


great work. nothing to critics for me. i like everithing, specialy the animation.


Sasha did an absolutly amazing job modelling and rigging the boat. I was litteraly breathtaken when i turned the gears for the first time. Just had to say this. Hopefully you can upload some turnarounds and closeups, once they luck non-lambert Sasha.


Wow, stunning job, Andreas :slight_smile:
It looks very cool all together.
The only thing I have, is that I don’t really understand the closeup shot between he fires the harpoon and it hits the fish.
Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s a bit too fast, or maybe it gets a bit clearer with textures and lighting.
Anyways, just thought I’d let you know.

But great work so far!


hey dof

thanks. I totally agree. I’ve made a better redner, with some clouds (wrong colors, but clouds) which looks pretty sweet. And in that render i have encreased the length of the scene where the old man fires the harpoon. It helps alot.
The fish eye is tricky, cus it is actually an inverse establishing shot. CLoseUp -> Eye -> WholeFish … where it should have been: WholeFish -> Eye -> Closeup for clarity.
But then what should the closeup be there for? The harpoon have hit at that point in time.
But i think once the shaders are on, it’ll be more clear. The fish eye is like bright blueish, with dark around it.

Sasha post the pictures! even though they are not 100% final. :wavey:



You guys rule! I really like the fish model. Stoked to see this one…



Thanks a lot, guys!
I am at work now, but I can post those two renders I have sent you by mail, Andres :slight_smile: And the boat was actually fun to do cos it has so many gagets and small thingies - thank you Andreas!
I showed your animation to Feanor (animator at work). He has some small comments to cutting and camera framings, but he promised to talk to you (Andreas) in person.


By Alexandra (Sasha) Ciolac

Here we go - first fish shaded render.
Some things are still missing though…


Wow guys…great work so far! A real pleasure to watch, especially the way the boat moves. I just LOVE those two gears at the back, and the flimsy way the boat is build. Reminds me of some old doctor Zuess books. Keep going!