Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alexandra Ciolac


I like everything about this movie!
good luck!


Excellent work!

Great look and animation.

I love the way that your team re-imagined the visuals of this classic tale in a steampunk manner.



Congratulations on a beautiful entry guys. Everything about it works perfectly with the other elements. I love the way you’ve given the impression of masses of detail without any of the images becoming cluttered or confusing. Inspirational stuff:bowdown:


rtobon , duncs - thanks. yeah we totally tried to make it seem very detailed, without too much effort. It fits very well with the minimalistic manner of the original story.

it also gives great contrast when there is almost only clouds and then the heavy detail of boat and fish.


Yep, story itself dictates big empty spaces…


Hi Gilles, glad to see you here! Thank you! I didn’t see you participating this time. Remember your giant chicken, it was great :scream:

, fgdf
Thank you all so much!


Congratulations on finishing this great movie! you got a vey unique/great style going on! great work! Goodluck with the judging!


outstanding peace of work here

i like the mood on your movie. the soundtrack is great
the animations are pretty perfect :applause: i like the eye :wink:

i’d like to see the main character closer though

and more important: i can see steam here.

i guess you’re one of my favourite too bad i can’t vote


yeah i actually would have thought that there would be more steam in the other entries. And black smoke.

thanks zzama.

about the main character: we went through some set backs, since toft became a father, and Jimmy dropped out, so suddenly there weren’t any time for modelling the main character. Sp we actually decided to do him in aftereffects, by using the puppet tool. However, as animator of the team, I was prepared to do him in AE, but would rather have had a modelled character to animate. So I estimated how low quality a 3d character would have to be to meet our lowest demands, and then I build/rigged/skinned/textured him in 2 hours.
Which is why we aren’t coming too close with the camera, and which is why there is small annoying things about him.

So he is rough. REal rough. But actually thats what i like a bout him. To bad i forgot to tell Sasha not to smooth him when rendering. He had some nice spikey shapes. But it’s not important.

thanks again.


Thank you zzama, it makes me glad that you liked the soundtrack. I’m happy with the outcome and it has been much fun making it. Thank you, it means a lot.


pretty “steamy” video my young lady friend ^^ i think it starts too rapid (you don’t get a chance to ease in) but sweet non the less - 5 stars


I enter the challenge but didn’t do anything great… just the beginning of a 3D sketch…
I am under tons of work ! It is cool but it doesn’t let any freetime for those kind of projects…
Maybe next time !
I wish you the best with this and, again, Bravo to all the team ! :wink:


Thanks Jim :slight_smile: It starts rapidly because it was a requirement to deliver a 30 secs trailer, followed by making of, followed by the full length film. So the actual film is at the end, he-he… Glad you liked it! We where a good team, it felt like our Little Red Ridinghood project :slight_smile:

Hi Pfeiffer :wavey: Oh yes, we all know that feeling, I missed the last challenge because of work too… But it’s good when there is work, and even better when it’s an interesting project! See you next time around.
And thanks!


Gongrats for the modeling award :thumbsup:


Yep… very well done… congratualations :wavey:


Very wel deserved! BRAVO!:applause:


You really deserved that prize!

Hope to see you next time as well :smiley:


Yes you do !


MartinNielsen, Lemog, adib, doffer, gpepper

Thank you so much!
We already planing for the next challenge, so see you soon :scream:




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