Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alexandra Ciolac


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Latest Update: Finished Video: The Old Man and The Sea



 And here is our team:
 Art Directing
 Concept Art
 Matte Painting
 Art Directing
  Concept Art
 Schedules & Deadlines


[color=#fffffe]TD & rigging
Pipeline and file management
Team Leader

Those are our expected primary roles, but we are all going to do the work most needed at the moment and help each other.[/color][/color][/color]


We had our first team meating, where we picked out 2 concepts, on which our Art Directors (Andreas and Esben) will work for a week sketching some designs and fleshing out the story.
We will be posting some wip of it during the week.

The other team menbers will estimate the time needed to produce assets for both concepts.

Based on those things during next weekend we will decide which story to work on.

- The Old Man and the Sea, a novella by Ernest Hemingway.


Hey my dear team leader :smiley:

Really good luck on your project :slight_smile: Your two concepts sound cool :smiley:
Looking forward for your first update :smiley: Again, really good luck to all of the team members and have a lot of fun with your project. Keep rocking Sasha!! :smiley:


Hey! Good luck! Sounds like very cool ideas. We almost went with a norse theme too… hehe…

Looking forward to seeing the visuals!



Fernando, my friend thank you :slight_smile: Updates are soon to come - our art directors are working on the story and initial concepts very hard, so be sure to visit us again :scream:

Fredrik, we haven’t decided yet on the story, but half of the team members are leaning towards Odin (I am for the Old man and See though :)). Soon we will post story outlines and see what other people say…

Anyways, Friday is the decision day…


i guess we have to submit entries through you sasha. I cant submit to anything else but my illustration thread. (-_-)

so i’ll send you some sketches, and you must upload them. see you.


And our first concept drawing,
by Andreas Normand Grøntved (andreasng).
These are two ravens, Odin’s servants…


That’s jette…
by Andreas Normand Grøntved (andreasng).


And here is Odin himself…
by Andreas Normand Grøntved (andreasng).


And some Old Man and See concepts.
by Andreas Normand Grøntved (andreasng).


by Andreas Normand Grøntved (andreasng).


by Andreas Normand Grøntved (andreasng).


by Andreas Normand Grøntved (andreasng).


And here our story outlines,
by Esben Toft Jacobsen

Vølvens Spådom - The Fall of Odin

Odin recieves his two ravens - Hugin and Munin. They whisper in his ear.

Odin is enraged

The giants (Jætterne) are coming

Odin picks up Gungnir - The spear that will always find its target

He hastes through the mighty gates of Valhalla to meet the Giants (prefareble on the thundering hooves of his 8-legged horse Sleipner)

And starts killing off giants one by one

There are loads of giants, but Odins seems to manage

The Giants have a big machine-weapon of some sort, and they are about to fire it, when they suddenly draw back

A big shadow darkens the ground where Odin stands with his smoking spear

A total where we see the huge Fenris wolf standing over Odin

Title: “Vølvens Spådom” (the less cool english translation will be something like “The Prophecy”

And then a picture of the Fimbul winter. The world has frosen to ice. One of Odins ravens is having its last death spasms in the snow

The Old Man and the Sea of Fog

The world has become a dark place

Poisonous fog covers the earth

The few survivors live on islands above the fog

Water is vital for our survival, but pure water only exists in the boilers of old machines

It has been 84 days since I last caught one

The Islands in the fog are the roofs of scyscrapers, owergrown with twisted trees and scrap metal

The main character - the old man - is navigating a boat machine walking on very very long legs through the fog

The fish machine he is trying to catch could run on som kind of steam jet engine?

The rain that falls is poisonous, so if it rains, the old man covers himself with metal, and the rain acts like acid on the metal

Underneath in the fog lies the dead abandoned city


Hi team members :wavey:

Andreas, those Old Man and See images are wonderful!

An idea visited me - heh, they do it sometimes…
If our old man is after water, then we could keep steam machines on his boat to minimum, or at least out of function. And we could have the water tank visible and transparent on the fish, where we could see the water splashing. If I remember right from the book, that was a sword fish he got, we could give an element of it to the fishes design.

I thought of the bate he would use to catch the fish… It could be a little steam engine with flaps to move, and just before letting it into the fog, the man could take his water flask - and here we could put a little acting moment when he wants to drink but restrains himself, instead dropping a careful drop of water into the bate. Than that little bate comes to life, puffing smoke and jumping and trying to escape.
It could be a nice moment to pass across the message that he is after the water, show some internal character acting, and show some steam mechanics in work :slight_smile:

What do you think?


nice artworks and interesting action at the “fall of odin”

keep up the good work! :thumbsup: i’ll keep an eye on this…


Hey Musi.
It looks awesome!
Great concepts.

It looks like a very talented team you’ve got there.
Best of luck


Hey Sasha,

You got a great concept sketches, like the mood and style on them ( congratulations Andreas, you are making a cool work ! :D)

Like the both storys, but the Old Man pre viz and plot looks more dark and I like a lot that idea :smiley:

Again, great work!! Cheers!! :beer:


Wowowowow :drool:

guys, to me, it’s the best steampunk theme interpretation i’ve seen so far (haven’t seen all the entry though :scream: ) : i really love the way you put this story in an another context, and really love this legged boats, walking on a poisoneous fog.

I really wanna see an animation with that now :drool:

Great sketchs btw :wink: