Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alex Broeckel


to my opinion this is number one
amazing work

my steam:


does anyone know if the fullres final appears in the thread after uploading ? how can is see if the upload has finished without errors ?


Hey Alex congrats on ur finish. The full res will upload immediately after u use the Uploader tool. It works perfectly and swiftly. Great job, AGAIN!


Hi, Congratz on finish! :smiley: final Image looks awesome


Just want to add my final congratulations. This so recaptures the feelings I had reading Jules Verne and particularly the almost physical response to the designs in the Disney movie. I remember trying to draw the Nautilus time and again as a kid. :applause:


amazing work !


Congratulations dude:). Everything looks perfect in your work. Nice colors and mood. Great job:thumbsup:.


Software: Photoshop

the image is about a giant machine octopus which is attacking freighters and civil cruisers.
Nobody really knows who is behind the huge machine which is attacking the ships for several months now.
because the government wasn?t able to react fast enough, the shipowners have hired some brave men and modified some old fishing cutters and equiped them with modern weapons to secure their ships. the unknown attacker seems not very impressed though… :slight_smile:


sorry for the double final… its now the fullres version (well its 8K … i painted 10K wide). Hope you all enjoy… :slight_smile:


It is beautiful! Wonderfully dramatic- you should be very proud of it! It’s definitely a contender, I’ll tell you that much. Pat yourself on the back now, go on.


anyone knows if it´s ok to post the final image in our cgportfolio before challenge is over ?


Great image, one of the best in this challenge IMHO.


congratulation for finishing this!
you`ve done a great job, one of the best in this Challenge for sure
it was a plasure to follow you progress, best of luck man


Super beau, congrat


Amazing concept and detailing, I love the rich colours and classic illustration look :slight_smile:


I’m impressed! You depicted the essence of steampunk universe.
Fantastic image. One of those which makes me work harder.
10k pixels? Are you mad? :slight_smile: Was it convenient to work on such a big file?


paperclip,pauloduarte,guterrez,Bittler,AUMAKUA: thank you all!

balloontree: yeah i´m mad… :slight_smile: no. i´m just a noob and someone told me that i should paint as big as possible… because it makes detailing easier… and yeah it was convienent until the very end when i was having around 120 layers :slight_smile: but next image will be smaller… i also ended up adding details which no one will ever see…

the whole challenge was a good exercise… i´m so happy that i am participated… i learned so much just by forcing myself to work on the details… i made a new pic meanwhile and i was faster like ever before and i think this is a direct result of this challenge :slight_smile: new pic can be seen here, btw:


A very dramatic image. Appealing work!:buttrock:


rich of details, atomospheric and technicaly outstanding… :bowdown:


wow it just all there
well done
its very impactfull