Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alex Broeckel


irawan: thanx… your pic looks good too… i like the toothfairy more

yoff… thanks! yeah i wasnt sure if i let the octo attack the cruiser or if it is going to do so… hope it does not add too many points of interest now

its kind of funny… i totally dont like my image when viewed in small res like here in the thread… but i start liking it as soon as i view it fullscreen… maybe i´ll post a 1600x Res version later. think thats a sign for bad overall composition.

i am also completely uncreative now i´m adding the missing details to the foregroundships machines but it does look like they dont belong together… these machines are the part i dislike most.

i cant concentrate anymore… exhausted… haha… i wish everyone else good luck and more steam :slight_smile:


Hammer, sieht mittlerweile richtig gut aus! Und hey, du kannst doch Menschen malen! :slight_smile:
Ich finde, das Wasser mit den weißen Spritzern im Vordergrund könnte noch verändert werden, da es durch die starke Detailkonzentration und Kontrastheit noch ablenkt. Nimmt dem Bild etwas an kompositorischer Ästhetik, wenn du weißt, was ich meine :stuck_out_tongue:

Mann, jetzt will ich aber endlich zu Potte kommen! >_<’’


this is wicked, hope ur not offended but i think he needs a bigger gun.


Maybe. Of course it could also be too much time spent staring at it ;). Maybe walk away and take a fresh look in an hour?

There’s a lot going on in the image. The only thing I can suggest is that my eye is pulled to the gun flare, but there doesn’t seem to be much funnelling my interest elsewhere, do you see what I mean?


guys… need your help heres a 1600 res version of my pic… beside obviously untouched things like the handrail on the forgroundship and light effect on the cannon which parts should i touch before calling this final ? i really dont wanna work anymore on this and i wanna fix only parts which are still ugly now…


Nothing much to say, I’m just gazing at this with awe - and not even any jealousy because it’s so beautiful. I think your compositional skills are beyond mine: I’m only really sharp on drawing. I like the way the bullet splashes lead the eye. Is there something to be done to the water? Little highlights? Not sure, but it might need a tad more contrast in this middle area to tickle the eyes and keep it moving. Colours are gorgeous - best from a 2D work in the challenge.

Don’t panic!

I see a career change coming on. Good luck!


Hey Alex, again, excellent job. I understand ur plight and in addition to adding a bit of highlight to the water as mentioned, I’d also put a little more highlight on the tentacles to the left as they are closer to the sky’s light source. Finally, I’d just touch up the clouds over there as well and call it a day. Beautiful piece man. I think u deserve 2 take it easy from this point on


You don’t need anything more in my opinion. Congrats on a wonderful piece :slight_smile:


Hello Raybender!

Very nice progress and detail!
I am excited to see the final picture!

go on


Waouw! this is a really nice one!! it has so much lovely details and dynamic, And one of the most important thing, it´s real steampunk style! :applause:
Good luck!


here´s an update with smoke and railing and gunfire… i think that´s it… anyone sees anything where i could improve the image ?


Your work is brilliant. There is so much story in this image, it’s almost overflowing. The colours and composition are terrific with so much going on. Yes - very steampunk. Well done, very inspirational.


Alex my friend, I honestly think it’s a done deal! Great work! Take a break now, sit back and recuperate.


Alex: Excellent work ! :thumbsup: Glad you decided to stick around after the bumpy beginning. This has turned out beautifully :slight_smile:


Definitely final, my friend. Kick-ass work :slight_smile:


Ok CGTALK, here?s my Final Image.

the image is about a giant machine octopus which is attacking freighters and civil cruisers.
Nobody really knows who is behind the huge machine which is attacking the ships for several months now.
because the government wasn?t able to react fast enough, the shipowners have hired some brave men and modified some old fishing cutters and equiped them with modern weapons to secure their ships. the unknown attacker seems not very impressed though… :slight_smile:


Alex, I have followed this every step of the way and I have to say I am blown away by the final - just a MAGNIFICENT image man. Good luck, I think you have a strong chance.




seems that i have to find a Windows Machine now to upload my image, huh ? :-/


excellent stuff, just ace!

i turn around for five minutes and your finished !

:slight_smile: good work man.


Shoot me an email. I’ll fix you up.