Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alex Broeckel


WOW!! I’m sad I found you thread only now!! Your image is really cinematic and full of atmosphere!! Good Luck for the challenge!!


epsilom: thanx :slight_smile:

lorenz: danke danke… ja mit den Highlights hast du recht… die hab ich in der letzten version zu heftig gemacht. und was die Detailverteilung angeht… ein grooooosses ja… das stört mich schon die ganze zeit. aber ne Lösung hab ich irgendwie auch nich ?! kann mich nich entscheiden ob vordergrund oder hintergrund wichtiger sein soll… ich denk ich mach das jetzt einfach mal fertig und lern fürs nächste mal draus… :slight_smile:


made a gunner :slight_smile:


and heres a close up


can’t find anything to crit here, this is some beautiful work you’re doing, I love the close up details.

Well done!



Alex, that’s terrific.
I would very subtly darken around the back of the guy and into the chair to give it just a tad more weight and sense of his sitting in the chair, It’s a bit light at the moment in both ways.

Beautiful colour and drawing.


worked on the octo… maybe too much.


Your work here is one of my favorites. Can’t wait to see more!


It is terrible because of that one blue pixel that ruins the whole composition. lol.

My suggestions is to remove your image from the contest, because I am jealous. I bow to your greatness.

This is amazing!


some details


by far … the best!! :buttrock:
stunning detail work dude! :thumbsup:


Stunning work. Those details are wonderful :slight_smile: Good luck with the judging.


Gorgeous! Thanks for posting those details, Michael.

You said you entered to learn, but I think you have a chance of walking home with a trophy. Either way you have definitely won something here.

Good luck.


thanx a lot for all the nice comments… gives a lot motivation ! :slight_smile: i wrote this already… im soooooo tired of this image and im in the JUST finish it mode now, than make it look better mode…

i learned a lot so far… especially that i will pick an idea with less details and less round forms next time…hahah :slight_smile:

roger: who is michael ? :wink:


Hey Alex I have been viewing this piece for a good while now and it is truly exceptional. One of the best works I’ve seen indeed. Cant wait to see it finished. All the best for the rest of the challenge. (I’m having problems uploading via ftp so I trust you’ll finish before time just in case you experience the same problem I and Bittler are having). Great job



Hahaha. I’m so wrapped up in my own image at the moment, and watching all these email notifications coming in that people are finishing, that I’m losing my mind. Sorry Alex! :blush:


Hey, I feel nearly the same, but I think you did a good job so far.
Also halt die Ohren steif, viel Erfolg :wink:


worked on the Backgroundship, added some distant coast and changed colors and levels a bit.

and heres a closeup of the ship… very quick and dirty. but im really tired now and since its a bg-object i dont care that much, maybe i clean it up later… maybe not:


Hi Alex,
Nice close up, Great material, happy new year!

my steampunk - challages
-Stymphalian birds


Wow, this keeps getting better :slight_smile:
Having the octopus penetrate the cruiser actually does make the attack more of a focal point. Maybe you had it like that earlier, but I could not really see it until the detail pass.
Why are you afraid of rendering people? It seemed to turn out quite well. Perhaps his skin could use a little detailing, but it is such a small part of the image anyway…
Edit: I love the name of the ship :slight_smile: