Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alex Broeckel


Very impressive work, I can’t wait to see the final result!


Massively great image. The depth is awesome. I think the heavy fog version a while back was the best – it strengthened the mood of the piece and helped focus more on the octopus. I find the prettier the sky and more detail in the ship it’s crushing, the more my eye leaves the center. just my 2 cents


This is looking really great! Excellent color palette and depth.


Just recoiling from the impact of my own ignorance. Sorry, Alex, I had no idea. :bowdown: That would explain a lot in terms of the lighting and surface qualities.
That John Wallin is no slouch either. :wink: I have looked at his stuff and drooled several times before. I’d listen to him!
I would love one day to be doing something in the industry. I teach art (mainly traditional) at an international school in Switzerland. My own background is as a painter, and I’ve tucked myself away at the Pixel Corps over the last three years to get myself into working digitally. Thanks for the kind words, and good luck.


walrus,zegritch,mark and jeff: thanx a lot means a lot to me

roger: i dont care about 3d any more… wanna be a painter now. and i envy everyone´s able to paint on a reel canvas, since i tried and failed badly … haha :slight_smile:

im really tired of this painting now… if there wasn´t the deadline i would put it on hold for a few weeks.


This is great! I’m loving the designs, especially the chair and that nostalgic octo. Only in steampunk could you put such an ornate chair on a dingy gunboat… :slight_smile:

I think you should try it without the smoke, or change its shape to improve the composition + stop blocking that tentacle.


bdmonster… yeah you are right… i moved the smoke a bit and made it lighter…


and here comes a closeup of the chair… still not happy… but better than before… :slight_smile: i guess


Very beautiful:applause:


I Love the texturing very much on the boat, are you going to texture the octo a little more? maybe some metalic scales? (I know a lot of painstaking stuff) it’s looking great


Wether you have a style or not, your painting is beautiful. I would make a radical suggestion to lose the cruiser in the background and focus on the fight between the octopus and the gunboat. I find the cruisers appearance in the background surprising when I first see the image, not immediately understandable as part of the story. If the main story is the octopus attacking the cruiser, then this should be more visibe, I think…If you still want to take the viewpoint of the gunboat (which is a lovely dramatic angle) there should be enough room in the picture to see the attack on th cruiser clearly. In short I suggest two alternatives:

  1. Lose the cruiser and focus on octopus vs gunboat
  2. Widen composition and make octopus attacking cruiser a focal point


j-knight: yes of course… everything in the image is wip… there is no finished part… octo will get greenish rusty textures and i will try to make it look more wet with water running down since it just came out of the water… but this will be hard i guess… dont know i can do that (and how)

yoff: thanks for the detailed input… i wont get rid of the cruiser, this would mean i had to rework the octo a lot… would be too much for the time left. i tried widening the composistion in an earlier stage and decided against it. it wasnt helpful for the scale and it took a lot of action out of the image. i agree with you that the composition could be better. but i wont change anything now because of lack of time and because i have to learn to plan the composition better from the beginning… :slight_smile:

im just detailing the next days… so there wont be any dramatic changes…


I love the concept and the intricacies of this, and love the texture in your drawings as well. :slight_smile:


I’m glad to hear that, I really like this picture. A question I’m a little embarrased to ask is if you achieve the textures I see changing the flow of the brush or the opacity? maybe multiple colors? and if you keep a layer with all the colors you are using?


raradolly: thanx :slight_smile:

j-knight: all of the questions yes… i´m painting with hard round brush and soft round brush, both with opacity on pen pressure… sometimes im using custom brushes to refine the surface, sometimes i just add texture image on top , reduce opacity and switch it to soft light blend mode or something which looks good, to break the surfaces and make them more interesting… sometimes i just use the texture to change HUE and saturation of the surface… this brings it alive.


Nice! I think you need to create more separation for the sake of scale. I am not convinced of the size of the steam octo. Skip that, I think it is the size of the octo tentacle foreground going to the background. Whatever it is, it’s destroying that illusion somewhat. Still it is beautifully rendered. Good luck!


just a small update… i spent a few days with another painting to get my mind off from this…


Great idea to take a break, Alex. Is that the Devils Club?

For what it’s worth, I think you are going to be a really good painter - you have a real feel for light and space and the placement of things.

I didn’t comment before, but I think the spray is a bit random at the moment. Needs to have more of a sense of having a specific physical cause.

Good luck


supernice! Echt schicke details, cooles Konzept und Komposition!
Kritik hab ich aber trotzdem. Dem Bild fehlt noch Tiefe. Die highlights auf dem Kraken sind genauso stark wie die im Vordergrund. Außerdem ist die Detailverteilung noch ziemlich unruhig und zu gleichmäßig. Ich würd versuchen, die etwas auf bestimmte Bereiche zu konzentrieren…
Naja, wahrscheinlich wolltest du an den Punkten sowieso noch was verbessern :wink:


thank you roger… you are right bout the spray… will change that too… first i have to paint the guy which i am really afraid to do… haha… hate painting people… :slight_smile:

heres a link to the Devils Club Painting for those interested… would love to hear some comments on that too, of course…