Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alex Broeckel


worked a bit on depth


This is the best entry I have seen so far! I’m very curious on how your next steps will look like. Great work!

Best wishes,



Looks very good now, wait to see the modeling :wink:


matwire : modelling ? this is gonna be a 2D Illustration :slight_smile:


Oups sorry wait to see more details now :smiley:


Looking good, ace :thumbsup: I must admit this is one of my favorites too :slight_smile:


count me in! :eek: me simply love the composition and the intensity! very cool mate!
since you’ve decided to choose the newest one … how about adding the fog effect from your last update … that way… you have the darkness factor thrown in plus with the addition of fog … a sense of mystery and depth … ( best of both worlds :wink: )
see how it works out :stuck_out_tongue:
your work has evolved tremendously! i’m sure there’ll be more interesting things to come! :eek:
good luck mate! :thumbsup:


I think it’s a colour theory problem you’re having. Think of those old images in which a red square is drawn inside a blue square, where the eye makes you think that the red is set infront of the blue as opposed to being set behind it (like a framed picture). I believe it is something to do with the human eye focusing closer for the colour red than it does blue, which gives the illusion that red is closer to you. So with this in mind, you should stick wih the blue/grey sky in the background in my opinion. Especially as the red/yellow metals of the steampunk boat are in the foreground. Obviously it is just ‘theory’ but well worth considering, and I would agree with it in this case… In a nut shell - go with the initial colours! :smiley:


hey guys, thanx for all the c&c…

i wont go with the initial colors, but i will work on readability and depth of the scene. i am aware of the fact that the other version was far more understandable. i will head for something inbetween - the new colors and the depth and readability of the foggy version.

i wont touch this for a few days to continue working with fresh eyes next week.



really dramatic!


wow! nice work.


Wow, great work


It seems that you won’t spoil the image :). One of the most interesting so far.


I like very much the feeling of Disney’s 20.000 leagues under the sea, mixed with Moby Dick (I know that was a whale and this is an octopuss but still) the shining brass wet with water as the octo moves looks great


thanx for all the nice comments… i´m back to work on this image and hope to show some progress soon.


Its the first time I see this thread I something tell me It wont be the last time… Well Good work so far ! I want to see more :thumbsup:


oups delete the I between the “thread” and “something” hehe!


ok… updates will get smaller… workin on details now.


more cleanup on the octopus


Alex, great concept !
The first ones are very good too, but this one is much more powerful.
You got a lot of [left]steampunk[/left] out your brains uh ? :slight_smile: