Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alex Broeckel


I just really love your style, you make your digital paintings really look and “feel” like a painting.


Yes, very “paintery” style. You’re on the track with this :thumbsup:


martin: im not sure if theres something of the painterly style left when i´m finished :slight_smile: what i´m definetley heading for is to keep the reduced palette… maybe reducing the contrast too


I agree there s a lot of motion on the last concept.
[left]Reminds of the twenty thousand leagues under the sea where a giant squib attacked submarine nautilus.[/left]
[left]Waiting for updates.:thumbsup: [/left]


The last image is sooo sweet. You need to keep that steamy cracken going! Awesome. Cant wait to see what develops.


ok… it took me some days to decide in which direction i wanna go… and i decided to add more foreground action… as you can see i added a close ship with a guy sitting on some sort of gun firing on the craken… i did this because i wanted to integrate some high steampunkish objects, which i had no chance to in the first layout… hope you all like it.


Absolutely PHENOMENAL concept Alex. That is one of the best I’ve seen so far - this direction is incredible, keep it up!



Oh yes! This is already a very powerful piece :thumbsup:


I’m liking this more and more. Comp looks good. I’d maybe send the smoke from the boat in the foreground the other way though. Just an opinion.



Hi Alex,

That looks amazing. Very good use of colors, and the image is very dinamic.:thumbsup:
Good luck and keep it up.:beer:


worked a bit on the steamgun… theres no gunner yet… but wanted to hear the opinions of the community…


Very powerful image with lot of dynamics! Not an easy task to handle all those elements so well, keep it up!


i think im happy now with comp, colors and idea… started with detailing… and thinking baout the machine parts… cant decide between this glossy nice and shiny look for the machines or something more “used”… we´ll see later. :slight_smile:


ok. i´ve got a problem now.
it started with tweaking the colors of the sky and ended with some serious color changes… i changed the character of the image completely and now i DONT KNOW which one i like more.

i´m hoping on your comments… which one do you like more ? this one or the one before ?



I prefer the second to last one with the slight foggy look.

I also prefer the smaller ship in the back. In the last one it seems to me like the monster is getting lost.


this is really cool, i like the atmosphere alot. but the last one has not as much a first read as the picture before, your monster gets too dark , so my eyes do float more between the cannon and the light horizon.

but keep it up! looking gread already…


I prefer the second but I think the scene have the same plane. Play with some smoke or fog to do two plane: one for the boat in left and one with the monster action.

Really good style, keep it !!

Good luck :wink:


hmm. its difficult… i worked on the dark version a little bit more… and think im going with that one… though many people i asked liked the brighter foggy version more…
i think i like the dark version more beause theres more room for interesting lighting effects…


among the last 2 images you posted i prefer the one before simple because i feel it is more focused then the other the hsip behind the monster and sky becomes a bt distracting for me and it becomes little difficult.the fog in the previous one gave it a good sense of mystry and drama
good luck to you with your piece its coming out very beautiful :buttrock:


THe previous image had more depth i think. Maybe something inbetween.
Very cool progress cant wait to see more.:thumbsup: