Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alex Broeckel


Yahoo! What a great image RayBender! I knew it would be one of the best…by now I can only say: Can I be your padawan learner? an excelent image. By now I wan’t able to finish mine on time :frowning: maybe you can check it out? I truly admire you ability to add details and textures using the brushes. Congrats I hope you make it. :slight_smile:


rocks! should be ranked real high :slight_smile: congrats on great illustration.


This is really impressive. I’ve seen this one earlier on and I knew then it would be among the best finals. It’s really grand and epic.
and, man… 10K ??? you must have some sweet workstation. i wonder what your configuration is and the size of your PSD file.

very inspiring work.



Oh this is totally awesome. Fantastic job, Alex! :smiley:


zemplinski: yeah man … 10 k not really necessary :slight_smile: its a Mac Pro with 8GB RAM and 4 Cores… 2,8 GHZ XEON


that explains a lot. i wonder how long I can run on my Macbook Pro.
… what about your final PSD file size (with layers)?



olek: ah antoher mac fan :slight_smile: oh yeah forgot that… its 1,2 GB and has around 120 Layers… :slight_smile: i normally paint and collapse but in the end i was just adding layer over layer without collapsing them… but i was too lazy… just wanted to finish it… when i look at it now there are so many thing i would like to detail or do better, but i think i have to let it go now :))


looks like the same story here. :slight_smile: (just half the computing power hence 4Kx4K picture). i’ve been collapsing up untill 3 days before the finish. I thought I could do it like Ryan Church with 2 layers during the entire process, but habits and rush finally take over and it starts growing.
thanks a lot for the info, I really appreciate it.


Brilliant concept with flawless execution! I love how you created such richly detailed metal surfaces. Congratulations and good luck!



Im very tired. but, seeing this image, I had to give my respects to you sir!!!
Awsome image, no crits!


I must say that I’m really disappointed and astonished that you haven’t got any prize. In my opinion your illustration was a pretender to the master award.
Keep up the good work and see you in the next challenge!


I have the same thoughts about your work and can’t understand why your image hasn’t won.
For me it is number 1!




hey… ballontree and chris… thanks for the very nice words… to be honest i was a bid sad when the winners have been announced - but i think in the end it all comes down to being lucky, fitting into the personal taste of the judges.

what is most important: i learned a lot during this challenge and it gave me some new insights of how detailed images work. i found new friends, got some international exposure and finally some nice job offers…so therefore it was really worth participating. :slight_smile:

thanks to all the supporters! cheers, alex


Ray, this is beyond fantastic. I never had time to finish my entry and came across your completed image on Deviant Art. I am astonished and speechless. This is one excellent piece of art. Congrats on the job offers and other good things that have come from this image. Keep up the great work :slight_smile: Cheers!


Just a wonderful picture! This kind of incredible artwork seems almost alive to me.


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