Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Alex Broeckel


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we are in the catacombs of the “church of steam” the residence of “Monk” - once a talented scientist he started to become more and more obsessed by empowering his rickety body with more and more steam powered gadgets. over the years he lost his mind and started to terrorize his environment with colossal machines, ignoring the law and the rights “normal” people have.

Deep in the catacombs of his giant laboratory he has to face an adventurer named Limblin who was hired by the people of a close village to make an end to the monks lordship.


a first try on color… not very happy with it


Have you seen the anime film “Steamboy”? Great film and the main character’s father fits your discription pretty well. Nothing wrong with that of course, the concept sketches look great so far, I love the dark and moody look of it with the limited palette that you have used.


hmm no, havent seen it… but i have to admit that the idea of an scientist gone crazy while enhancing himself is not really creative… lol i would say 50% of all comic villains belong to this bad guy stereotype… :slight_smile:


yo alex now we meet again :wink:

cool idea with the church of steam bty. so beware of the steam inquisition.

happy challanging


much happier now with light and color…


i think i stop working on mood and do some designs for the figures now…


oh i totally forgot… i decided to change the story a bit for more drama.

those punks in the middle have been sneaking into Monks Church of Steam to steal the “peripheral singulum”. it´s some kind of ultra hot plasma steam which, in this aggregate state, is able to think in a semi intelligent way.

without the singulum the monk is not able to control his mighty machines and the villagers will have a good chance to vanquish him. :slight_smile: Unfortunatly they´ve been caught and overhelmed by one of this creatures. while monk was sitting in the dark watching the whole show from his throne.

please someone correct me if my little story sounds like complete nonsense in my poor english :slight_smile:


again i changed the concept… maybe i change it tommorrow again… who knows… :slight_smile:

what do yo guys think ?


hey Alex
your concept looks really cool
i liked the light getting in from the door, but the composition is good ether way/


You’re definitely on the right track :slight_smile: I liked the door-light idea better too.


I’m just not very clear on what the thing at the far end of the room is supposed to be. Before it looked like an overhanging throne of some sort with somebody sitting in it watching over the room… now I’m really unclear.


Great sketches! Can’t wait to see where this is going to - very promising!


Church of Steam you say? Alright, I want to hear more.


heres what i´ve done today… was kind of slow, cause i wasnt sure about hte best workflow of detailing the thing… i decided to detail it on the fly not with extra concepts for it… maybe i regret that later… dont know… newbie :slight_smile:


Your concept is amazing. But your story must be based on traditional myths and legends


fabio: thanx a lot… i looked through the FAQ Thread at the first day exactly about this question and there was an answer by anton that it has NOT to be based on an actual myth. so i decided to make up my own…

now i saw your link wondered how this could be and went back to the FAQ Thread and see that the previous answer given by anton was edited by leigh - i started with my image and idea before this edit. :frowning:

i´m a bit frustrated now. :-/ and thinking about quiting the whole challenge.

heres the edited post


hi dude! … reading your latest post, i feel there’s a chance for you to change gears! … don’t quit coz of a misinterpretation … you can always start afresh and create something better the first!

open the right door and you’ll most certainly feel at home :wink:

cheers dude! :beer: n good luck! :thumbsup:


btw … i totally forgot to mention …

your lighting skills are totally kickass! :buttrock: