Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Aleksander (Olek) Novak-Zemplinski


heh! i flip the image every couple of hours so I don’t get too used to it. I forgot to flip it back before uploading the progress.
hey. thanks so much for the comments. it is really great to get a second opinion.


hauling amo for “the big one”…


damn. for some reason it is showing darker than i have it in photoshop.


just wanted to show you I’m pretty psyched about the warp tool.


You must be working insanely quickly and hard.

Fantastic details. Just get it done now: there is little you could do to spoil the composition! Trust yourself. Good luck.

I want one of those warp tool!!


Very nice use of matte, nothing to add much it looks great :slight_smile: Though, those flags(?) bother me a bit all different wheels on them. I couldn’t find any reason to them like why they’re there or why they’re different but it helps pulling out more details and helps the steampunk atmosphere. May i ask how many layers do you use generally and do you make all industrial designs on this picture vertically? Thank you and good luck on challange! :slight_smile:


a little spy.


nice little spy :slight_smile: the steam coming out works amazingly well, I’m not sure why :P.

hey I’m almost nervous for you. you are going to finish it, right? right?



This illustration depicts a moment that definitely must have happened in the course of events of the Iliad and Odyssey.

It shows the moment of departure of Odysseus leaving his home place of Ithaca and his wife Penelope along with his newborn son Telemachus. Penelope will not see her husband for another 20 years. Odysseus is called for duty to fight the Trojans and is very reluctant to do it. He spends 10 years at Troy (Illiad) and then another 10 years lost at sea on his way back (Odyssey), and currently is boarding his battle ship - a ship that in it?s entirety represents his personality.
The designs are very important in this picture. The uniforms of Odysseus crew - experienced, well trained warriors; and the environment expressing the situation of the main characters both physically and emotionally.

The main story here is the woman - Penelope and her son, who are the moment of a great loss and uncertainty. They will have to struggle over the years to retain their position in the society, ward off a number of suitors conspiring behind Odysseus back to take his throne and his woman.


the warp tool is just a standard tool in photoshop cs3. nothing special.
i don’t know if I am writing this message again but you asked about the rivets. there is also nothing special - just tapping with my pen. then copying the layer and shifting a pixel underneath - one for a shadow and one for a highlight. you can also do that stuff with layer styles. - but you probably know all this.


oh man!. you got me. at first i didn’t know what you were talking about. they are not flags - they are actuall big thick pieces of machinery - I just thought it would be cool to have very simple shapes and then fit all the gears neatly within
i guess it was obvious to me the entire time but never realized it would be read differently by others
i only put a very thin highlight edge on them because they were so close to the vanishing point. luckily i realized that before uploading the big final image and made some adjustments to those highlights - however, i still have problems getting it through…


forgot about your question. for professional work (which is architectural renderings) i use a lot of layers - mainly because of liability. you always have to change stuff. for this I worked with just one or 2 layers for a long time. i like working like that for myself. the computer works fast and saves fast and you don’t get bogged down with layer organization.
but by the end of this one I started adding layers randomly so I could come back and modify things easily - so I actually ended up with a lot of them. maybe 50-60 - but there is a lot of junk too - a lot of different versions or little sketches of designs.
working with just 2 , 3 layers is the best though. you copy existing layer or start a fresh one and the when the little element is done - I collapse it. some stuff i won’t collapse - like people - because I keep working on the endlessly.
the ellipse thing is a new thing i tried for the first time. - act of desperation to be quicker.
it would be really great to have that rotation as you make an ellipse selection though.


hey! thanks a lot for that comment. I really appreciate it.
I looked at your portfolio and saw some bad ass architectural renderings. this what I actually have been doing for living for the past 3 years actually. - architectural renderings.
take care



hey! thanks for your comments. i didn’t have the time to respond but I really appreciate them. I actually reconsidered the positioning and reading of the blimps and I think it made it better. thanks again and good luck!


thanks so much for this comment. it makes me happy to see that someone read exactly my intentions. composition was the major thing I focused on. i was lucky to participate in an icredible composition course at the beginning of last year given by a fellow named Marshall Vandruff. He’s probably one of the most talented educators I’ve encountered. he gives specialized courses on composition, anatomy, artistic development - pure phenomenon. You’re brain explodes with excitement and knowledge after a couple of hours
Good luck with your stuff and thanks again.


so my final image didn’t get through and there isn’t any way to fix that.
oh well. at least I sent a smaller image that supposedly is big enough for judging.

too bad that it is not the big final one because i was still doing some touch ups on the big mechanical elements that some people read as flags. hopefully it doesn’t make a difference at smaller resolution.
you can see the final full-res at this link:

i am fairly satisfied with the result.
but the most happy I am about the fact that I was able to sit down and do a piece for my own enjoyment and not for a client.

time to get some sleep.


Hi man!
Your work is perfect, and your subject too. I have same character in my entry, but in video challenge :).
Good luck!


hey, man, thank you so much.
I just looked at your entry. Your storyboards are really nice!
but i don’t how to get to see your animatics.
I am on a mac and pc. but mostly on mac.

wish you good luck and i will keep checking your entry.



WOooW man !!!
this is amazing…!!!
nice work…
i love the idea , climate,colors and technical side of the project!
composition is nice , but i would cut this from the top a little bit…(i know that baloon would be not to clear to read , so maybe i’m wrong) but the right side of top image is little to mouch for me.
and i love your characters !!specialy this close to camera gunmen!
woman in red focusing my attention nicely !
good job - best of luck with judging !!


i forgot about adysseus - brilliant ship !!!