Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Aleksander (Olek) Novak-Zemplinski


fantastic work, i like the dramatic lighting and compo, for me this is the winner of the image challenge ;), well done.


Only suggestion: The rear guns look too small to protect the ship.


Thank you so much for showing that high res. Wonderful :slight_smile:



it is amazing image,
one of my favourites.

it is wonderful how your suggested all of those textures and details.

wish you good luck!


thank you guys for all the compliments. it’s very kind.


Great Job! Thanks for sharing this!

and good Luck!


If I had one wish right now, it would be to live in your imagination! Concept, composition, mood - color - detail --it is all so amazing that I cannot begin to congratulate you on your achievement! Thank you for sharing Odysseus’ journey… and yours, aswell! Good luck!



thank you very much for your comment Lynda. it means a lot to me.
good luck with your stuff!


Great Concepts, Epic Piece!


Congratulation for all winner !
and for all the member who joined the challenge but did not win yet you’ll be lucky next time


did i miss something ??? —winners ? where ? :slight_smile:


Beatiful work, stunning in every respect. Well done on the HM :slight_smile:


OleK, I’m really glad you got a prize, you definitely deserved something, and great lighting was just one aspect that made this such a beautiful piece. Pity there weren’t more categories:).


hey dood, congratulations. well deserved recognition for a great picture you made here!


Congratulations Aleksander!

I am so happy that you won! This is one of my favorite works of all time!


a real wonder! awesome lighting!

nice to see pieces of the eiffel tower on the lower parts!:wink:


This painting amazing. So nice you show how you work. Color and lighting make this excellent.


good eye, dave demaret !
but, wait! you’re from Paris - no wonder! :slight_smile:


Definitely it deserved the lightning prize. You managed to achieve specific fantastic mood. I’m glad that the judges rewarded the strongest part of the image.


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