Steampunk Hades, Kevin T. Chin (2D)


Title: Steampunk Hades
Name: Kevin T. Chin
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

I missed the deadline and didn’t get in the challenge, there was a lot of real life/job issues i had to deal with. The concept of Hades in steampunk form returning home to the Underworld on his charitot along with Cerberus. The level of finish is no where near the competition of the usual CGchallenge finish but I felt i had to finish this for myself so I could move on to other things. I really like the direction it went with the cool under lit colors thanks due to the critiques from my art friends in real life. Previous incarnations of this was less focused in terms of lighting. I believe I’ll work on some orthos of Hades just for fun and portfolio.


Pretty solid paint… love the contrast on this piece.



Excellent! Great painting to start with, but the fire elements are what really makes it. I’m especially fond of all the designs within the fire, which elevate it stylistically. 4 big stars!


very good work mate,those fire design looks interesting and i like the choice of colors too:)


Thanks for the kind words. I’m hoping it gets into Expose at the least.


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